Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Merch In The Ordinary Hero Store

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Grant Giveaway Starts Today!

Want to step out in faith and either travel to another country to serve, or even adopt a child? Do you have a nonprofit or do you support a nonprofit that could use some extra funds? Sign up to become an OH fundraising affiliate and receive 40% of every sale. When your name is checked during the checkout process, that 40% will be credited toward your cause.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Our Ordinary Hero INSTA MODELS

The best Ordinary Hero models are YOU! 
                The Ordinary Heroes! 

Thanks to all of you who follow us and tag us on Instagram so we can catch a glimpse of our awesome Ordinary Heroes in action! 
We want to feature more of you this year! 
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Oh! And one more thing!...
SEND US YOUR STORIES! We want to feature Ordinary Hero stories on our blog each week in 2015 so we need your stories! YOU are the ones who step up and step out of your box for children in need. So tell us about it. Email your story and pics to 
Thank you all who CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE! 

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Guday's Story

Guday represents the hundreds of thousands of families struggling to survive within the Korah community in Ethiopia. Take a moment to watch her story and see how you might be moved to help through sponsorship or prayer for her and the thousands of families she represents. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

LOVE, JOY, SMILES, and HUGS in Ethiopia


Ordinary Hero took a team of 27 to Ethiopia in December, returning January 5. It was yet another life changing trip for many! There were lots of new comers on this team. Many had their eyes opened and cried tears for that country for the very first time. 

Among all the poverty there was still the LOVE, JOY, SMILES, and the HUGS from the locals that captured the hearts of my team. Their perseverance in the midst of their struggles makes us all question any problems we have ever had and how we handle those problems. Because in the midst of their obvious struggles, their joy and their never ending faith shines brighter than the obvious that is around them. Let these pictures give you a glimpse of what we all experienced from the beautiful people of Ethiopia. 
Betsy meeting her sponsored child for the first time.

This sweet lady RADIATED joy from the moment we met her. She is blind, lives in Korah in the mud hut behind her, has two children, no husband and begs to feed them. She really needs a sponsor. She knows she doesn't have one and yet she just had a joy about her that was contagious and only comes from God.

We met another sweet woman that had spent her entire life caring for her adult special needs son. Their home was destroyed. They are now in a make shift home until they find a sponsor. 
She was overjoyed we were there to check on her. She said we were her only hope. She said she knows God brought us to her because she was praying. She needs a sponsor. She is precious.

This man is always an inspiration. Struck with leprosy that has eaten away his hands, he does not let that stop him. He weaves the most beautiful rugs, now available at Lila Products.

Our team had the joy of dressing the children with the many blessing bags that were donated by many for this trip. Thanks to all who donated! 
It's amazing what joy a simple blessing bag can bring!

The orphanages we visit always show such gratitude and love for our teams to travel so far to come visit them. Their love is amazing! 
The team members meet little ones in these orphanages that melt their hearts. The hardest part is walking away and leaving them there.

As we went to serve those in need on Entoto Mountain, we are blessed to have kids serving alongside us that are sponsored children themselves, many from other orphanages. One of the joys of being an OH team member is that your sponsored child can serve with you on the trip. 
Little Mek was preparing to leave for the US to receive open heart surgery. She spent her last days in Ethiopia serving her brothers and sisters in Entoto with our team, when she herself, is one of them. 

This made for some happy, fed kiddos.

The smiles and joy of these beautiful people when they literally carry the weight of the world on their back....

Humbled us all.
We will continue to be their voice as they showed us all JOY in a way that is captivating and makes us better for meeting them!
Email for information on child or family sponsorship. You can CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE!  :-) 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

OH December Team Headed to Ethiopia

We have a great group headed out today to Ethiopia! Check out our blog this week to see how this group is used in some amazing ways to bring hope and share God's love! 
A group of 15 headed over from Tennessee. 
The Archie Family is taking their adopted son back to visit his birth family for the first time since he was adopted three years ago. They are all entertained nicely with their gadgets, haha! 
We met up with the rest of our group this morning at the gate. We have Sarah from Georgia and Shannon from Virginia. Morgan and McKenzie from TN. 
We have Zack and Bailee from Utah and Rachel from Idaho who came with her mom. Savannah from TN. 
Kelly B, our sponsorship coordinator, is traveling with us and will be meeting her soon to be adopted son for the first time! :-) Erica, another adoptive momma, is also joining us. They are both from TN. 

Allison, Richard and Hope from TN. 
The Lamb family from North Carolina. 
Jasmine from TN 
Me (Kelly), and my daughter Morgan from TN. 
Michelle traveling with her daughter from Idaho. 

What a great group we have from all over! LOTS of 20 yr olds, teens, and  families on this team! Stay tuned for an exciting week! We appreciate your prayers for our team this week and for God to use us in some amazing ways. Over the hills and across the ocean we go!!