Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We Are So Rich!

Another realization from our trip to Africa this summer, written by Kim in her blog post....


"Nothing to eat".

I have thought about this phrase for months now, and each time I say it or hear it, I know darn well that we have plenty to eat.

In America, for most, that phrase really means, "nothing that I want to eat"....or "nothing I feel like cooking".

It means that you have plenty of frozen chicken and vegetables in your freezer.

It means that you have canned beans and soup. You have rice, pasta and several flavors of sauce. You have a ton of cereal, oatmeal and ingredients to make homemade pancakes or cookies. You are stocked on peanut butter and have snacks like raisins, pudding, chips and popcorn. But since we literally had each of those items in our kitchens since we were brought into this world, to us, there is "nothing to eat".

I have to remember how rich I am.

I have to remember that I am so blessed to have my job, house, car, and healthy family. I have to remember how blessed I am to have freedom, clean air, a shower with clean water, a bathroom, and an entire room dedicated to laundry. I have to remember how blessed I am to have plenty of food, closet space, decorations for every season, reliable doctors, insurance, clothes, air conditioning, appliances, a yard, tools and lawn tools, a garage, the opportunity to buy new clothes, shoes and groceries.

I have to remember.

I am so rich.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Founder of Ordinary Hero Shares Her Story On The Jimmy Gould Show

Kelly Putty's passion to help children in need is sparked by the adversity of her past. Listen to her share her story as the guest of Jimmy Gould on his show, A Current Life.