Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Team 3 ~ Day 1 in Ethiopia

Here is an update from our Team 3 this year who just spent their first day in Ethiopia. Delilah from the trip is our blogger updater. This is what she has to say.....

Team 3 has safely landed on the ground in Addis. Today we visited Resurrection Orphanage. Can we say LOVE? Everyone loved on all those adorable children. But what I think surprised us the most is how much they loved back. They were truly happy. It was precious. Our team had a special treat for some of the older children at Resurrection. They have recently been adopted (praise the Lord), but we were told that often times teams come in to visit, they say hi, give them a hug and make a mad dash for the babies and toddlers. When Tabitha Gilliland ( who is not on our trip, but is Brent Armstrong's daughter) heard this, she took on a major project of collecting gifts for each of the older children. She made sure to get their sizes and their favorite colors to be certain they would not be dissapointed. It was all I could take watching these children light up with excitement when they saw that they each got an entire backpack of brand new clothes, toys and accessories. The boys each received a new soccer or basketball. Everyone got new shoes, two outfits, hats, sunglasses, a backpack with their name's embroidered and much more. Whitney, whose been staying with Ashli took us and she told us it was like Christmas morning for them. It was awesome to watch each one of them, one-by-one go to the bathroom to change and waltz back into the room with their new digs. They were smiling from ear to ear and they knew they looked great. It was such a sweet thing to get to be a part of. Thank you, Tabitha for heading that up. It was a great success!

After a visit at the orphanage we all returned the guest house to sort out our donations. We made more than 90 "blessing bags", as our team deemed them, to hand out to those in need. Most of the bags contain a full outfit, complete with socks and underwear and a pair of shoes. We will be taking these with us on our way to do a project at Sheshamane tomorrow for the little ones we may encounter on the road.

That sums up our first day here in Addis. We have already seen God shining through bright smiles and generous hearts, so we are thrilled to see what He has in store for us in the days ahead.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New OH Team Off To Ethiopia!!

 I am soooo excited to announce that this OH Mission Team left yesterday for Ethiopia.  This was not a team we publicized to get people to join. It is a smaller group of 10 people that are going to Ethiopia to serve in many different ways. We will have the opportunity to watch them in action as I receive the updates throughout the next 10 days or so. If you are inspired by what you see then stay posted. We will be putting out some dates for upcoming trips very soon that YOU can become a part of. These trips are life changing on so many different levels.

So let me introduce you to this OH Power Team of 10 that should be landed by now in Ethiopia!! Lots of Tennesseans, a couple of Ky folk, and one North Carolina gal in this bunch.

Jeremy Bullock from Clarksville, TN is our fearless OH Team Leader. He and his wife, Kelly, adopted a little girl last year from Ethiopia after Kelly had been inspired by joining us on our July 2010 mission trip. 

Delilah, from Ft. Campbell, Ky will be our dedicated blogger this week. As she sends me the updates then I will post them for you all to follow along. Thanks, Delilah!

Jennifer, from Clarksville, TN

Nicole, from Clarksville, TN

Brent, from Murray, Ky
Brent was a recent OH grant winner. He sold 6 donkeys through the store that he will get to pass out while in Ethiopia :) Wow!

David, Clarksville, TN

Adrianne, Clarksville, TN

Masina, Clarksville, TN

Katelin, Elizabeth City, NC

Vanessa, Clarksville, TN

I look forward to allowing you to watch this Power Team take Ethiopia by storm...or LOVE, as we watch them in action this week :) We ask you to PRAY for this team and their week on the ground in Ethiopia. May their steps be guided and their service to those in need be blessed!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Grant Winners This Month...Woo Hoo!!

OH LOVES giving away GRANT MONEY!! We LOVE it so much because it is going to such great causes. When you sign up as an OH affiliate you can raise money for your adoption or your mission trips. Through a simple purchase that is made with an affiliate's name attached to it, that affiliate receives 40% of the purchase price. It is THAT simple and some folks are raising some great money in support of their adoptions or mission trips.

NOW on top of the 40% we are offering a $500 grant to the TOP 3 winners of this recent grant contest which ended last night!!

Soooo, without further hesitation....the TOP 3 SELLERS AND EACH WINNERS OF A $500 GRANT ARE.....

MAKENZIE BRATCHER from Portland, Oregon, who is fundraising for an adoption, was our TOP SELLER! Woo Hoo!!

JESSICA HEESCH, from Portage, Wisconsin, was our SECOND TOP SELLER!! Woo Hoo!! She is fundraising for an adoption.

BRENT ARMSTRONG, from Hardin, Ky, was our THIRD TOP SELLER!! Awesome!! He is leaving today on an OH Mission trip to Ethiopia which I will be posting about later today. I'm super excited about this first OH mission trip WITHOUT ME, heading there right now!! Brent sold 6 donkeys plus other items that he will get to pass out this week in ET because of this contest. Yay!

We also have TWO HONORABLE MENTION GRANTS that we want to give out!! These two accounts sold over $1000 during this grant contest.

SARAH AND LIBBY WILLIAMS sold over $1000 in their acct to raise money for an upcoming OH trip. They just returned from an OH trip to Ethiopia in July and are already fundraising to go back!!

MEREDITH LAGORGA also sold over $1000 in this grant contest in order to fundraise for her adoption.

We are giving you both a $100 grant because of your awesome efforts in fundraising this month.

Way to go to all of our TOP SELLERS!!!

Remember to be on the lookout for our next, upcoming GRANT CONTEST. If you are adopting or raising money for a mission trip, be sure to check out our OH FUNDRAISING page to see how you can sign up as an OH affiliate. All three of our top sellers this month raised WELL over a $1000 that will be given toward their adoptions or mission trips through this contest because they won the grants. All in just 10 days!!

And again....we can't mention FUNdraising, without thanking the Queen of FUNdraising, herself, Gina!!!

She is our official OH FUNdraising Coach that gives out such great ideas and encouragement throughout these grant contests and keeps everyone pressing ahead. So THANKS, QUEEN GINA!!
WHAT MOTIVATES GINA, you ask?'s this little guy and her own story :)

You see it was just last year that she randomly went on an OH mission trip to Ethiopia where she "bumped" into, and met her future son, whom she brought home just a few months later.

EVERYONE that is associated with OH has a personal story of how they helped CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE, and now want to help others do the same. That is why I LOVE what God has turned our organization into :)

As always.....Thanks for being an Ordinary Hero, and thanks to ALL the affiliates who participated and also those who bought items through our store during this OH grant to help boost their accounts!!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Waiting Children.....and more!

First, I want to make you all aware that we have recently added new waiting children to our wait list. We are proud to have taken on new partnerships with International Adoption Guides, as well as Adoption Advocates, recently. We have children on our wait list from Ethiopia, Uganda, Eastern Europe, China, and some within the US that need a Second Chance. Please contact for the password to view the waiting children. Your child could be waiting for you right now.

Second, if you did not get our recent mass email about the three families within the US that could use YOUR help, please contact to be added to our email contact list. Please CLICK HERE to see how you can be a blessing to ONE, or possibly THREE families in their time of need.

Lastly, we have two days left of our grant contest!! There are several of you that are ROCKING THIS CONTEST!! It is a tight race but there are going to be 3 top winners and others that have filled their accounts that are going to be VERY happy!! Can't wait to announce our winners of the top 3 OH affiliates. Contest ends at 11:59pm central time Sunday (tomorrow).

Friday, August 19, 2011

New Grant Contest Today through Sun Aug 28th!


Are you raising funds for an adoption or mission trip? Then don't miss out on this week's OH Grant Giveaway! OH is giving $500 to the top three selling affiliates on top of the 40% that comes back to our OH affiliates. Yay! We love helping you CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE! If you are not signed up as an affiliate, find out how to become an affiliate by CLICKING HERE

We have just added a few new select items to our OH Store for this grant contest. Supplies on most items are limited so don't miss out. Here is a glimpse of what we have added this week along with our other awesome merchandise. 

located in Accessories

located in Product Donations

located in Accessories

located in Accessories

located in Product Donations

This grant contest starts today, Fri, Aug 19, and runs through Sunday, Aug 28th at 11:59pm central time zone. 40% of each purchase made in your name as an affiliate is credited to your account. That will be applied toward your adoption or mission trip. It's never too late to sign up as an affiliate. You can try for as many grants as you wish. If you have any questions at all email our amazing OH FUNdraising coach, at Gina keeps these grant contests fun and exciting by giving fundraising tips and advice throughout the contest. As always thank you for helping to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE and thank you to those of you purchasing on an affiliate's behalf. Don't forget to click on their name in the drop down menu located in the checkout process beside "Affiliate Name".  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ordinary Hero Grant Contest Coming SOON!!!

HEADS UP!!! There will be a GRANT contest starting THIS Friday, August 19th @ 12:01am and will run through Sunday August 28th and we will count all sales made through midnight!

We have some NEW items that we are adding to the OH Store over the next few days!!! So be on the look out for our NEW items to offer your friends and family!! :)

If you have not signed up to "FUNdraise" with Ordinary Hero to help raise funds for your Mission trip or your adoption NOW is the time to do so!!

Our last 3 winners of the last Grant contest fundraised over $1000 each in 10 days! It's FUN and its FAST money! and your friends get cool products as the help you Fundraise the money you need!

If you know someone in the Adoption process or planning to go on a Mission Trip PLEASE tell them about this opportunity!!! Help us spread the word around!!!

Sign up today to become an affiliate!!! Start compiling your email lists to send to family and friends-- the Contest will start THIS Friday at 12:01am!

Best of luck to everyone!!!

Gina Payne
OH "FUN"draising Coach

P.S. If you are an affilaite with OH and you did NOT get an email from me last night please email me and give me your email address. I had a few come back to me as "undelivereable"!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Kids are Back To School with Project Backpack 2011

 Our Third Annual Project Backpack was a success! Thanks to all of you who donated backpacks and school supplies, or funds to get them for these children. I love seeing their little faces light up as they see their brand new backpacks.

 A few awesome volunteers of Ordinary Hero met at the homeless shelter in order to pass out backpacks, and also connect with the children through a few crafts.

 I especially love that the volunteers bring their families with them and allow their children to experience what it is like to give.
 Bev, and her family, pictured below deserve a HUGE OH THANK YOU! Bev coordinates this outreach every year and does a fantastic job!
 So thank you, thank you, Bev!! I'm going to start calling you "Miss Project Backpack".

 I love the fact that I just moved into a new house....hired a painter...just met the painter this week....mentioned Project Backpack.....and here he showed up with his whole family to come serve. He told me he remembers what it is like to live without food growing up as a child. He wants to be able to help people and show his children how to serve. Now OH has awesome new Spanish speaking volunteers, which can really be he's an awesome painter!

 Again, many thanks go out to our volunteers and donors for this Project Backpack 2011. You Ordinary Heroes are the reason we continue to touch lives.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Project Backpack 2011

Well....School starts this week!! Join Ordinary Hero in our Third Annual Project Backpack. We are headed down to the Nashville Rescue Mission this coming Wednesday to pass out backpacks filled with school supplies. Right now there are 36 homeless children living in the Family Life Center. We have about 15 children left that still need a backpack and supplies.

How can you help? These children need required backpacks and school supplies. Let us know what you can provide for these children: a backpack & supplies (or pick one, a backpack or supplies) or a monetary donation. We will provide you with a child’s name, gender, and grade specific supply list (approximately 10-15 items). Once you have your items ready we will arrange a drop off. These children will be attending Buena Vista Elementary, John Early Middle, and Pearl Cohn High School.

Are you ready to help ensure that a homeless child goes to school with supplies?

Contact Bev Stacey at If it works better for you to make a monetary donation - just visit the website's Donate page and put "Project Backpack" in the memo line. A full donation of $50 will completely cover a child's backpack and supply expenses. You may donate any amount that you would like in order to help with school expenses. Remember we are heading down there with supplies in just 2 DAYS! Click Here if you would like to see pictures from last year's Project Backpack.

As always, thank you for being an Ordinary Hero to a child in need.

Bev Stacey and Kelly Putty

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Prayer Request and some Awesome Videos!

 Some amazing things are resulting from our recent ET trips. One important one that I would like you to all keep in your prayers is little Baby E. We met this little bitty baby at one of the orphanages we visited and found him to need immediate medical care. Leanne, from Team 1, completely had every heart string in her body pulled for this little one.

 We came back to the States and she has personally taken responsibility to call and arrange a life saving surgery. Because of her support and Ashli on the ground arranging and setting it all up, little Baby E went into surgery yesterday and received a shunt put in his head and is being treated for hydrocephalus. Ashli waited at the hospital during surgery and made sure he was stable and doing well and has even arranged for some folks to stay with him in the hospital to love on him. Last report was that he was ready to eat and doing well after the surgery. Please continue to pray for Baby E. We pray that God restores him completely. Thank God for mending these hearts and for the love that continues to pour out from our team members and the lives that are being saved in the process. If you would like to donate toward Baby E's medical expenses from the surgery please CLICK HERE. Put "Baby E" in the memo line. Leanne's family has stepped up in faith to raise funds for him for the surgery and to stand beside him in support through his recovery. 100% of your money donated will help support his medical needs and you will receive a tax write off :)

On another note..... we have had some of our team members create some awesome videos from our recent trip to Ethiopia. Check out their videos below and catch a glimpse of some of the amazing moments created through our OH mission teams.

Deborah, from Team 1, who will be helping me head up our OH sponsorship program (coming soon), has created this video which gives you a glimpse of some of the precious children we will offer for sponsorship soon. If you are interested in our upcoming sponsorship program, email CLICK HERE to watch this awesome video.

Holli, team 1, created an awesome video as well.......CLICK HERE to watch. She captured some great moments of her time serving those in ET.

Amy, team 1, captured some beautiful moments and some beautiful shots from her time spent with her sponsored child and more......CLICK HERE to watch.

Another great video by Kortnie, below. She fell in love with her little sponsored child while in ET and shares many moments captured with him and more......CLICK HERE to watch. 

Info on how YOU can join us on our next upcoming trips overseas coming soon. We are sealing our dates now. Be sure to email us and let us know you are interested at