Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We LOVE adoption!! Grant Giveaway!

As you know, adoption is near and dear to the heart of Ordinary Hero and we are passionate about orphans finding their forever families. We also care about helping families raise the money necessary for adoption, which is why we have our OH affiliate program.

With the support of State Farm Insurance, through the Beth Venable Memorial Fund, we are offering a ONE TIME adoption grant of $1,000 to an adoptive family who is an OH affiliate. Online applications will be accepted February 14-28 and the family who is selected to receive the grant will be notified by March 10. The recipient will be selected by the Ordinary Hero staff as well as Michael Venable.

Here are the requirements:
  • Family must be an OH affiliate fundraising family.
  • Family must be a client of a non-profit, 501c3 adoption agency. The grant will be sent directly to the family's agency.
  • Complete and submit online application (the link will be sent out via email to all affiliates).
  • Submit one reference letter.
  • Submit an Agency Confirmation Letter (verifying the family as their client, them as the placing agency and confirming their 501c3 status).
  • Submit a family letter, telling us your story in 500 words or less.
To sign up for our affiliate fundraising program click here. If you have any questions, please email Melissa at

Special thanks to State Farm Insurance, and all of the generous donors who gave in memory of Beth Ratliff Venable. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another Seed Planted in Ethiopia From The Life Of Beth!

Beth Ratliff Venable was a beautiful mother and wife with a passion for Ethiopia. 
Because of complications with a sudden brain disease, she went to be with the Lord shortly after bringing their adopted son home from Ethiopia, leaving her husband and four children to live out her legacy and passion to help the lives of those in Ethiopia and beyond. 
 Shortly after her death, money from those who were touched by Beth's life was donated to Ordinary Hero to carry on Beth's vision to make a difference. Michael found himself quickly on the ground in Ethiopia with Ordinary Hero founders, Shane and Kelly Putty, to see exactly where some of that money would be used. 
 Michael found himself visiting Kore` (Korah), which is the trash dump community of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for the first time. His eyes were opened to the tremendous needs and struggles within this community. 

 The women labor daily in the trash dump to collect anything they can find that might feed their families. 

While in Ethiopia Michael met Maste, a trusted guide, translator and friend of Ordinary Hero. 
Maste grew up in this community and has a heart to help the mothers of Kore. 
Maste states, "If you help a mother then you help the entire family move out of poverty." 

This trip proved to be a blessing to Michael. Part of Beth's life seed was planted in Maste's upcoming Coffee business which will hire the mothers of the Kore` community to roast and bag the coffee. This will in turn, pull them out of a life in the trash dump and poverty, setting their children free from the cycle of defeat and allowing them to go to school and live the life that God intended them to live. 
In December we were excited to see the beginning stages of the building. 
Today Maste sent us a picture of the first coffee roasting machine, as he unveiled the name of his new coffee business to Michael for the very first time!

We are excited to announce


This is just one of the ways that Beth's life continue's to make a difference in the lives of those she was so passionate about. If you have not seen the powerful story of Michael and Beth Venable and Michael's quest to live on her  life legacy, I encourage you to watch this video. For more info and pictures of the beautiful life of Beth, CLICK HERE to visit the Beth Venable Memorial Fund Page.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Join Team Ordinary Hero in the Country Music Marathon, April 27th!

Want to run or walk for a great cause? 
We would LOVE for you to join Team Ordinary Hero in 
Nashville's Country Music Marathon, April 27th!

 This race will be a blast and we will join together to raise funds to further our
 mission to change the lives of many children in need across the world. 

Do you love to walk? Do you love to run? 
Join us! 
Kelly Putty will be leading those who join the 5K Mini Marathon.
Shane Putty will be leading those who join the Half Marathon.
Any brave soul who wants to lead the Full Marathon for OH just needs to contact us. :-)

CLICK HERE  for more info and to join Team OH and create your own, 
personal, fundraising page for this race! 
Let's really knock this out this year and raise awareness, raise funds, and 
Questions? Contact 

Enjoy this video from last year's race! 

Are you an out of towner? Join us for our annual Benefit Dinner and then stay over for the race!
Ordinary Hero Benefit Dinner 
Thurs, April 25th, Downton Hilton, Nashville, TN! 
6-6:45pm Silent Auction, 7pm Dinner & Presentation
More info to come! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Matching Monday Grant Recipients!

Matching Monday Grant Recipients!

A HUGE congratulations to Becca Underwood, Andrea Bestul, and Caitlin Cline! They are our Matching Monday grant recipients! They had one day to organize their friends and family to help them fundraise, and they tore it up! We LOVE granting funds for your adoption or mission trip! In one day alone, we gave away $2593.28 in 40% total affiliate earnings! We matched $1834.46 of that for our top three selling affiliates, bringing our total grant giveaway on our Matching Monday to $4427.74! WOW!! Read the stories of our winners below to see how easy you can be granted BIG with our affiliate program! Look for more grant giveaways coming soon!

Congrats, Becca Underwood, from MO! Becca and her husband Nick have 5 kids. They adopted for the first time in 2012 when they brought their 9 yr old daughter home from Ethiopia. They knew they would adopt again, thinking they'd wait at least a year. God had other plans and last November they learned about a 6 or 7 yr old boy who touched their hearts. They are now fundraising for his adoption and are excited to get him home. They have helped other adoptive families via Ordinary Hero in the past and are very appreciative to those who helped them out this time! Becca must have LOTS of friends that helped her with this. She had 49 orders credited to her name, bringing her total sales to $2856! Her 40% commission was $1142.40 and will be MATCHED! Her total earnings for our Matching Monday, in one day, was $2284.80! Congrats, Becca! Way to work it!!

Congrats, Dustin and Andrea Bestul, from NC! Dustin and Andrea say they are a family of 8, soon to be a family of 15!!! They have 3 biological children, 3 adopted children from Ethiopia, and are raising funds because they are in the process of adopting 7 MORE CHILDREN from the Philippines! OH has a special place in their hearts because an OH mission team took a Christmas package to their children while they were still waiting in an orphanage in Ethiopia. Click here to follow this family's journey! With just 5 orders, Dustin and Andrea made their way to the top three with $1166.35 in total sales. Their 40% commission of $466.54 will be MATCHED, bringing their total earnings in one day to $933.08! Congrats, Bestul family!

Congrats, Caitlin Cline, from Ky! Caitlin is raising funds for a mission trip to Ethiopia with Ordinary Hero in June! She is so excited to win and feels like this is an example in her life of how God can provide. She is so excited to see what God has planned for her on this mission trip and is now a little closer to making it happen! With just 4 orders, bringing her total sales to $563.79, Caitlin made her way to the top three! Her 40% earnings of $225.52 will be MATCHED, bringing her total earnings on our Matching Monday to $451.04! Congrats, Caitlin! You are several steps closer to reaching your fundraising goal!

We had a lot of affiliates jump in on this grant! Remember, affiliates always receive 40% of any sale, at any time, when their name is selected from the drop down menu during the checkout process. We LOVE being a blessing to help you reach your fundraising goals with your adoption or mission trip! If you need help fundraising for your adoption or mission trip, check out our Fundraising Affiliate program today!

Also, a HUGE thank you to all of those who made purchases on our affiliates behalf! Your generosity is greatly appreciated and has helped each of them get one step closer!! 

Also special thanks to a generous $1000 donor towards our grant program. This program is a HUGE blessing to all of our fundraising families. We welcome all donations toward our grant giveaway program. They are GREATLY  appreciated! Thank you for your support as we support others! To donate toward our grant giveaway program click here. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Matching Grant Monday!

We are going to MATCH the TOP 3 highest selling affiliate's 40% earnings today!
Our Ordinary Hero Fundraising Affiliates earn 40% of every purchase that is credited to their name at checkout. TODAY we are going to match that 40% for the top 3 highest selling affiliates! 

Be sure to check out all our GREAT items for 


Be sure to check out our new "SPARKLE LOVE"
 Jewelry Collection! 
Quantity is limited so get it while it lasts. 

There are many great gifts for that someone special on Valentine's Day! 

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Fundraising Affiliate for your adoption or mission trip, be sure to Click Here to get signed up and join in on the Grant Giveaway!