Friday, December 30, 2011

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT IN 2011! A New Video to Reflect.

As the 2011 year comes to a close, I wanted to take this time to thank all of the many families and individuals who have supported all the lives Ordinary Hero has been fortunate enough to bless this year. YOU truly are Ordinary Heroes. You have provided FOREVER FAMILIES to orphans in need of homes through the miracle of adoption. Ordinary Hero has given away over $40,000 this year to adoptive families and those traveling on missions, thanks to your support. We have seen countless lives blessed in America, and in Africa. You have come alongside us this year to serve the homeless and those in need in America, and the orphans and the needy in Africa through our many outreach opportunities and mission trips.


As we close the Christmas season, and reflect on the birth of Jesus, my heart skips a beat to Africa and all the many beautiful lives that have touched us and made us better for knowing them this year. As we wrap our minds and hearts around the love of Jesus after just celebrating Christmas, take a moment with me to reflect on this past year of 2011 in Africa. Watch and see the LOVE, THE HANDS, AND THE FEET of JESUS being poured out to children in need through Ordinary Heroes like me and like you. We can all help someone in need. We are all better for doing so. We won't forget these little lives. You can watch this video and see why so many leave their hearts in Africa.

CLICK HERE to go to the direct link, or silence my music on the right sidebar and watch the video below.

Ordinary Hero ~ Ethiopia 2011~ We Won't Forget from Kelly Putty on Vimeo.

We can't thank you enough for your support of Ordinary Hero this year. We couldn't do any of it without you partnering with us. I don't ask for donations specifically for Ordinary Hero often, but it is the end of the year, and we do rely on support to keep doing what we do.  If you would like to make a tax deductible, end of the year donation, CLICK HERE. Email to inquire about partnering with us in 2012. We have ideas and plans that are way bigger than what we could think or imagine for this next year. We couldn't do it without you. We humbly say THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!!



Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

From all of us at Ordinary Hero, 
we wish you a very Merry Christmas! 

Thank you for having the heart of giving and making it feel like Christmas every day for so many children in need across the world in 2011. 

Your love moves mountains and changes the world for many little lives! Life has twists and turns and sometimes looks hopeless for many. Circumstances can be turned around in an instant thanks to ONE PERSON. It all started in the beginning when Mary started out as a confused, pregnant, young girl, trying to figure out what was happening in her life. The words to this song say it so beautifully....


So if a little baby named Jesus came to this world and changed everything for us all through one Ordinary girl...

think how much you can do. 

Have a Blessed Holiday Season!
Merry Christmas

The Ordinary Hero Team

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Product Partners!!


Many of you who shopped during our last grant contest may have noticed some cool new items in our OH Store. We had some amazing families partner up with OH to offer some of their product in order to benefit our fundraising families. How awesome is that?? We have sold out of most of it and now you are left saying...."Where can I get more?" Well here is where you can get more cool items that you saw in our store in December. Be sure to check out the links below and shop with these families. Many of them are fundraising and make things in order to raise funds for their own adoptions, or some of them have adopted and are now pouring back into the cause that stirred their heart to give back. 

If you have items that you are currently selling, and you would like more info about how our Product Partners works, please email for more info. We are currently stocking up on cool new items for our January grant contest. Don't miss out.....and don't forget to support the families that are listed below, and purchase some really cool stuff!! 

Our cool headbands this month ~ MakHappi

Awesome hand-made items~ Sow To China

Art plaques, key fobs and more~ Teem Keehn

Awesome Ornaments!~ Ethiopia Dad

Monday, December 19, 2011

Don't forget to REACH OUT to someone in need this Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches we must all remember those that are less fortunate. We can easily get caught up in the hustle and bustle, and financial stress that the holiday season brings as we strive to provide for our own loved ones. 
We must not forget the REASON FOR THE SEASON. 
We can be a HUGE blessing to someone this Christmas season in some of the simplest ways. 
Let's teach our children what the spirit of CHRISTmas is all about by giving to those that really do need a blessing this Christmas. 


I heard on the radio this morning that the Salvation Army needs help passing out gifts.
The Meals On Wheels needs help passing out meals.
Let the kids make a card, you can bake something sweet and go visit the elderly. Call a nursing home in your area and find out who does not get regular visitors and take them a card and something sweet to eat and wish them a Merry Christmas. 
Call your local homeless shelter and sign up to serve a meal or take a family some Christmas presents. 

Visit our OH CHRISTMAS OUTREACH page for ideas locally and with our Blessing Bags. 

Let's bless someone this Christmas season. Send pics and emails of ways that you have blessed someone this Christmas season. We love to highlight our Ordinary Heroes!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

December Grant Winners!!




Each month we give our top 3 Selling Affiliates $500 toward their adoption or mission trip in which they are fundraising for. We love supporting adoptions and missions!! It is where our heart is. We, at OH, love helping you all reach your fundraising goals through our Affiliate Program!! 

This month our Affiliates knocked our socks off!! We had some true go-getters who got the word out and had some amazing purchases on their behalf!! You guys have some AWESOME friends and family who love and support you in your passion to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE!!

So.....our top three selling December Grant Affiliates, and winners of the $500 Grant, are......

#1  Shanna Bahn from Minnesota!! Her sales soared!! She is fundraising for a Visiting Orphans Mission Trip and in just 10 days she earned $1227.74 just from her 40% affiliate commission. THEN she earned the $500 grant which means in just 10 days she now has an extra $1727.74 toward her mission trip!! Incredible!!

#2  Kim Adams from North Dakota!! She is fundraising for an adoption and in just 10 days earned $810.26 just from her 40% affiliate commission. THEN she earned another $500 for being a top seller which brings her total earnings to $1310.26 in just 10 Days!!! Woo Hoo!!

#3  Anita Rives from Kentucky!! Anita is fundraising for her daughter, McKaila, to attend an OH Mission Trip in July. In just 10 days she raised $723.01 just from her 40% affiliate earnings and THEN she earned another $500 as being a top seller!! That brings her total earnings in just 10 days to $1223.01!! Your daughter better be loving you!! :-)

Wow!! Congratulations to our top 3 OH Affiliates!! 

We have SEVERAL HONORABLE MENTIONS who had over $1000 in sales credited to their name during this grant giveaway. Remember that means that they still earned over $400 with their 40% commission which is a huge blessing!We would like to give all of these honorable mention, strong selling affilates, who sold over $1000 in product, a $50 gift certificate to the OH store. We say "Great Job"!!

Those who had over $1000 in sales credited to their name, and get a $50 gift certificate, are....

Debbi Coder
Brooke Hennigfeld
Jordan Henderson
Brian and Heather Keehn
Jessica Heesch
Chelsey Bibb


I must send out a major THANK YOU to all of our Affiliates, and all of you who supported our Affiliates through your purchases!! They could not have done this without the support of family and friends who purchased on their behalf to support their cause. 

Remember, Affiliates, YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!! 
You all receive 40% of every purchase credited to your name. 
We are thrilled to be able to offer this to you!! 

All of our Affiliates are making a difference, even by the purchases that others are making on their behalf!! In just 10 days we had the following items sold through the store which will help countless children and women in need....
8 Donkeys
37 1/2 sheep
44 Amharic Bibles
38 Donation Combos for kids in Africa
17 pair of shoes. 

We want to give a shout out to Ethiopia Dad, who donated several of his ornaments (that sold out quickly) to help these fundraising families and OH. These were awesome ornaments that you can go get more of at his etsy shop. We want to thank ALL of our families who have donated items toward helping these fundraising families. I will be doing a post VERY SOON announcing who they are and where you can go to buy more of their stuff!! We are excited about our product partners!! 
Who will it be in January??

If you are interested in partnering YOUR product with OH to benefit our fundraising families, please email for more information. 

Again, CONGRATS to our Grant Winners!! 

Next Grant Giveaway will start Friday, January 13 at 12:01am,  and run through Sunday, the 22nd at 11:59pm. 

See how 10 days can make a drastic difference in YOUR fundraising!! 
Check out our Affiliate Program and get signed up today :-) 


Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Shirts in the Store!!

 Could these kiddos be any cuter?? (Even if they are my niece and nephew :-)
Our new Kid's long sleeve shirts and Charcoal Women's hoodie are now in the OH STORE! 
We have ONE DAY left in December's Grant Giveaway. 
Be sure to grab these shirts and support our Adoption and Fundraising Affiliates during this grant giveaway. Grant Giveaway contest ends tomorrow, Sunday at 11:59 PM Central. 
Look at these cute new shirts! 
Your little one is GONNA CHANGE THE WORLD!

Then, check out these new Charcoal Hoodies! Our White Burnout Hoodie is one of our favorites because it is so soft and comfy. Now we have it in Charcoal. Get yours today! So cute!

Lucy is saying...."Mmmm, Hmmm. I'm liking that hoodie. I just might have to get me a burnout hoodie too!" :-)
Happy shopping in the OH Store!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Ordinary Hero will be holding our LAST grant contest for the 2011 year starting tomorrow, December 1st at 12:01 am and it will run through Sunday,December 11th at 11:59pm (Central time). We will be giving away $1500!!!

We will be offering THREE $500 Grants to the top 3 affilaites that sell the most product! Sign up today to become an affiliate, so you can win the Grant!!! Sign up HERE.

If you know someone fundraising their adoption or their mission trip, PLEASE tell them about the Ordinary Hero Affilaite Program. They receive 40% of the proceeds of all products bought under their name, plus the chance to win GRANT money in addition!!! Its really a great program! Thanks for sharing this opportunity with your friends and family!

We will have LOTS of new items in the store when you wake up Thursday morning! :) There will be items made by some of our very own fundraising families for this Grant offering! There are LOTS of fabulous Christmas gift ideas- so make sure you shop early!!! The items from our fundraising families are in VERY LIMITED quantities- so make sure you take a look at the STORE on Thursday morning and SHOP EARLY! Here are some items that you will see in the OH STORE!


and these COOL KEY FOBS (Great gifts!)...

and how about Santa letters for your kids?

Oh my goodness... Look at this Christmas Ornament...

and we will have more ornaments for Russia, China and Guatemala :). So check out our STORE to see what we have on Thursday!

and cute headbands for the girls.. (This model is just precious by the way and I love her so)

That is just a sneak peak :) There will be Many more items listed as well! :) I am still waiting on some packages to show up at my door! :) We will have precious crayon rolls, camera straps and wall art! We will also have new RED OH coffee travel tumblers and cool OH Acylic water tumblers (with straws).

So start thinking HOW YOU are going to WIN on of our $500 Grants! Get your email lists ready and warn all of your facebook friends that its time for them to do some Christmas shopping and support your adoption and/or mission trip! :) Good luck to all!! The above mentioned items are going to go VERY FAST, so have your friends shop starting Thursday to get the best selection!

If you are not an affiliate, but would like to purchase from the OH Store, you can bless one of our MANY affilaites at checkout by selecting their name as you make your order. They will receive 40% of your purchase!

Good luck to all! :)

If you would like more information on how to see YOUR items listed in the OH STORE next month, contact Gina@ Send her pictures of your products that you would like to see listed and she will explain to you how our program works! We hope to partner with 5 families each month. She is now accepting products for the Januray and February months. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little Ordinary Heroes with GREAT BIG HEARTS!!

 Let me introduce you to Piper and Sarah from Ky. They are our Hero Spotlights for this week. You see, they recently had birthdays and decided to celebrate them together. Piper and Sarah chose NOT to get presents for their birthdays, but instead asked all of their friends to JOIN THEM in being ORDINARY HEROES and they collected money for the orphans in Ethiopia!! They collected $315 to be exact!! Wow!! What an awesome idea, girls!!
 It just goes to show you how we should all have the heart of a child. These kids should be in their normal Birthday mode and excited and expecting to receive their gifts from their party like any child would. BUT instead they are excited to get all their friends together and see what a big difference they can make in the lives of orphans in Ethiopia. Wow!! To think that kids "get it" at such a young age is incredible!
 They created their giving box, above, and below, they even had their Birthday cake share the spirit as they incorporated their love for cheerleading and Ordinary Hero all in one. So cute!!
 They gave each child an OH bracelet as a party favor. Girls, I can't wait to show you who your Birthday Party is going to bless on our next trip!
So how did these girls hear about Ordinary Hero and who inspired them? Let me introduce you to Ali. She was on our OH team mission trip in July. She got to experience the power of serving the "least of these." 
 She came back impacted and ready to make a difference.
 She has since been speaking in Sunday School classes to help spread the word of the the needs of the orphans.

So you see, she not only has impacted the lives of those in need all the way across the world, but she is impacting those around her since her return. 
Giving, Loving, Sharing what you have seen, it goes a long way....
Thank you girls, for having such incredibly giving hearts!! You truly are ORDINARY HEROES! Ali will be returning to Ethiopia on a July 2012 trip and will personally get to show the girls how their Birthday will bless those in need. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Adoption. It's A Beautiful Thing!

 We are celebrating in my family this week over the homecoming of my nephew, Lincoln Teddy. This has been long awaited and is very much celebrated. You see, i found Teddy in the orphanage in July 2010 when I took my very first OH team over and we visited this orphanage for the very first time. I saw this beautiful boy walking down the steps with his unmatched clothes with some kind of onesie hanging out that he was wearing for warmth. He had on pink shoes and he was just beautiful. It was so weird. As soon as I looked at him I immediately saw my sister, Kasey's face, in his. He just looked like he was meant to be hers. He reminded me of her other two children and even looked like them to me.
 I immediately scooped him up and just had this feeling that I was holding my nephew. I emailed Kasey and told her about him and sent her a picture. She immediately said yes! And so the process began. She waited a long time for his paperwork to be complete and things looked doubtful all throughout the process but we kept praying and never gave up hope that God would see it through.
 In the meantime, he met his cousin Collin on this trip and his Uncle Shane.
 That trip came and went and then my sister, Kristi and I traveled back over in December of 2010. We went to see him at the orphanage so he could meet his Aunt Kristi.

 In the meantime my sister, Kasey is just praying and waiting for her turn to meet her son, herself.

Time came and went  while my sister and her family waited.....
Exactly one year from the time I first saw him, I was back again with another OH team. I showed him pictures of his family he had never met. 
 My sister's friend, LeAnne was on our trip and gave Teddy lots of love too. But still, my sister had not been to meet him yet.

Finally the day came. She had a court date and could travel to go meet her son in March. What a long awaited visit. But the hardest part was saying goodbye. It seems as soon as they got there they had to say goodbye and go home and wait for their Embassy appointment. She said it was the hardest thing of their have to wait all that time to meet your son, and then have to say goodbye. 

But FINALLY the day came. She got the email. She could go pick up her son! So off to Ethiopia Kasey went last week and just arrived home with Lincoln Teddy this past Sat. 
 Along with her hubby and two kiddos, there was a mob at the airport in Nashville. Not only was Teddy arriving home, but baby Jude, another little one adopted from our area to the Whitfields was arriving home on the same flight.
 Everyone stood around anxiously awaiting them to walk around the corner. It was a very exciting time.
 And then, Wow! Here both families came around the corner, with their prized possessions in tow.
 What a beautiful site it was to see my sister finally bringing her son home. 
 The crowd went nuts as you can imagine. 
 Daddy, sister and brother were the first to greet him. It was so precious. 
 He remembered his Daddy and went right to him. He finally has a Daddy!

 Big sis couldn't take it any longer and had to scoop him up. 
 Another one who couldn't stand it any longer was Ashli. Ashli is home for a holiday break and has helped take care of Teddy in his orphanage for the past year.
 She met him for the first time as I did on that team trip in July of 2010. She since moved to Ethiopia and has been watching him wait for a family ever since. To see him finally come home was so special for her. She just cried as she held him.

 She spoke to him in Amharic and he answered her. He was glad to see such a familiar face :-)

 Kasey's adoption makes 4 Ethiopian cousins adopted to me and two of my sisters. How special is that?

Special thanks to Kasey's friend support group for coming out to see Teddy home. Friends are an important support during the wait time of an adoption. 

 One more beautiful family complete through adoption! What a beautiful thing!!

I want to take a moment and show you some sweet faces who have also come home this year from Ethiopia whom I had the pleasure of meeting and advocating for and then the absolute joy of seeing them get adopted! God is good. What a great year it has been!

First my sister found her son in Ethiopia in December of last year. He was sick and in need of surgery. 
 She had this immediate connection. 
 Now he is home, healthy and a beautiful boy enjoying his Mommy, Daddy, and 5 siblings. 
 I'm so thankful to have been able to be a small part of bringing joy to these little ones who finally made it home this year also.

I had the pleasure of meeting the Culberson family at the airport. I had advocated for their daughter for a long time as I watched her sit on the wait list. I was so thrilled to see little Miheret again (I think they named her Lucy). She is simply beautiful. They are blessed. 

 I have blogged about the Flores fam before. They are doing great with their two new little ones. 

There are more but these are the pics that I had handy at the moment.

I want to leave you with one of my favorite little guys. I also met Getu in July of 2010. He had been on the wait list for a couple of years. I immediately started advocating for him in our waiting children to try to get him a family.  
 He had many friends at the orphanage and was always such a joy. 
 His smile could light up a room. I wanted him to find a family so bad! I took the pics below on my trip in July of 2010.
 Then again in December as he still waited....
 Then, FINALLY this July while I was in Ethiopia on my team trip I got to tell him HE HAD A FAMILY! HE HAD BEEN CHOSEN!! My beautiful friend, Crystal and her family knew that God was calling them to adopt Getu. You can watch this video and at the end you can see me tell him that he has a family. It was the highlight of my trip and such a blessing for this little boy who had waited for what seemed like forever for a family.
 Crystal, her husband, and one of her sons traveled to go to their court date and meet Getu for the first time in October. They first stopped at his uncles house.
 His uncle just hugged them and sobbed and said since Getus parents had both died he had prayed so hard for Getu to find a family as he was too poor to care for him. Crystal said she just sobbed.
 They then made it over to the orphanage where they met their son for the first time. She said he was standing there waiting for them anxiously with a great big smile on his face. He just ran into all of their arms.
                                                              Finally he had a mother....
 A father....
And a brother...
 The family he had dreamed of. And it doesn't hurt that his Dad used to play for the Tennessee Titans :-)
 They had a great week introducing him to so many firsts. 
 He got to Skype with one of his best buddies who had gotten adopted from his orphanage and gone home several months earlier. He just loved it!

Then there is the dreaded day that his family has to go back to America and he is left there to wait for them to return. I REALLY don't like this part of the adoption process. It is so hard on the children and the family. You can already see the look of uncertainty in his face as he has to prepare to say goodbye.
 Crystal said it was the saddest moment of their lives. They all sobbed and just held him. They assured him that they loved him and that they would be back for him soon.

 We now pray and wait for the day that they get that word..."Go get your son!" They are anxiously waiting for that day to come. We pray it comes quickly. You can read the full story on their blog HERE. Thank you, Archie Family, for stepping up to the call of adoption of an older child. We can all see how much it means the world to him to have a family. 

We also remember all the children who are left behind and most are not adoptable. 

We also are so thankful that Betty and Mahlet have found a family, as well as a sibling group of 4 I had advocated for and many others. We pray them all home to their forever families very soon.