Friday, July 24, 2015

The Personal Hope That Led This YOUNG Girl To Sponsor A Child

Nine years ago I stumbled upon many young teen girls living at the TN Baptist Children's Home. I felt led to lead a bible study with them twice per month. During these bible studies I learned so much about these young girls and their hard lives that led them to live in a children's home. More than anything else, they all longed for the love of a family. I tried my best to remind them of the love of God in their lives during such a hard road they were all walking. Although these girls lived in a children's home, which is a modern day orphanage, I could clearly see that God had pulled them from their circumstances and struggles in life and placed them there because He had called them to greatness. The constant struggle as their bible study leader was to remind them of this greatness when they felt so alone. 

I recently received a message from one of the girls I taught so long ago. She is now in her young twenties. 

Her road has not been an easy one. I remember walking her through some very difficult times in her teens and then I met with her after she graduated when she was searching for direction and meaning in her life. Her most recent message was very unexpected and simply just brought me to tears. 

Her name popped up in my facebook with a simple message stating...

"I want to sponsor a child!!!!" 

I responded and said, "That is so awesome! The sponsorships are $52.50 per month. Are you sure you are able to commit to that? What has made you want to sponsor a child?"

This is her response that I wanted to share. 

It has to do with my past and all the hopes and dreams I had of being adopted, even though I was unadoptable. I had all of these unrealistic expectations from people & relationships. I literally made myself miserable with the all-consuming desire I had of finding a forever family. I was very bitter and resentful towards my family & others. It has taken me a long time to come to terms that I would never have that family I pictured and that I could either accept that or continue my pity party. Well I decided to accept my life for all that it is....and its wonderful!! God has blessed me beyond measure and has placed so many Godly men and women in my life!! I know there is a reason I grew up where I did and I know God is going to use that!!! I have so much love for children waiting to be adopted, whether that is in the foster system here in the states or around the world waiting to be adopted or cared for!! I know what it's like to wait...even if you know that dream will never come true, we all hold on to hope!! I've prayfully considered this and this is what God is calling me to do right now!!! I can definitely commit to 1 year of $52.50 a month!! 

When she saw the little girl's picture she responded with this...

I want to sponsor her!!! Immediately when I saw her picture a flood of emotion washed over me. She is so beautiful & I just hope she knows how precious she is, and God sees her every want, need, & desire!!!

Wow! I believe there are so many lessons in this for all of us! With her permission I have shared her words. This is not just about sponsorship. Yes, if this young girl can sponsor a child and want to make a difference with what little she has, then why are there so many excuses not to. 

But her words ring true of so much more than that. She is a picture of God's love, forgiveness, mercy and grace! She was an older child that we see so often get lost and forgotten about in the system and lost in this world trying to discover who they are. Her words give us a glimpse into the heart of an older child living in this country without a family. But in the midst of her own struggles she grabbed onto hope and God's unending love for her and she has found purpose for her own pain and struggles. Oh, how it takes most of us a lifetime to find these truths and this hope and assurance of God's love and purpose in our lives! 

Thank you, Chante, for reminding all of us that God works ALL THINGS together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Thank you for reminding us of the simple act of accepting where we are in life even when it is not what we dreamed it would be. 

And THANK YOU for being an Ordinary Hero to little Roza! This little girl lives on the bare minimum in Ethiopia as her HIV-positive mother struggles to care for her. Now her life is about to change! Through your own waiting in life you learned many valuable lessons. Thank you for allowing this little girl to WAIT NO MORE. 

She doesn't know how lucky she is to have such an amazing sponsor that loves her from across the ocean! I can't wait for you to travel with us and meet her one day! 

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