Monday, May 30, 2011

Honoring our Fallen Heroes

We, at Ordinary Hero, would like to take a moment to remember the most amazing Ordinary Heroes of our day.....those that have given their lives for our freedom. The brave men and women who have given so selflessly in order that you and I can live a life of freedom......those are who we honor today. Happy Memorial Day in remembrance of all of the fallen HEROES of America. I grew up living one town over from Ft Campbell, Ky, a very active military base. I have seen the effects of those that have loved and those that have lost loved ones in the United States Military. To me it is one of the most honorable sacrifices of all as we walk, talk, live, and breath freedom know that we do so because of these brave men and women who have given their all. God Bless You and Your Families!! Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Apparel is In!!!



Plus New Beaded Cuff Bracelets!! These bracelets are handmade by a lovely lady named Charity. She is from Kenya and has been making jewelry for 20 years. 

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Don't forget that affiliates receive 40% of your order. Thanks for supporting Ordinary Hero!!

Also, check out Kim's blog for an awesome giveaway to benefit Restoration Orphanage. I will post an update on the orphanage soon. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Second Chance Adoptions

If you receive our Speak Up emails then you recently saw that we are advocating for three children who have been adopted before from other countries and for one reason or another, their adoptions were disrupted, leaving them available for adoption again within the States. Yes, that does happen. I know some people have never heard of that. It is always a very sad situation and it happens for many different reasons which all result as a last resort. In some cases the the child is removed from the home by the State and then there is a need to place the child into a new family. We are here to help advocate for these children and hopefully find them a new family as quickly as possible in order for them to find stability in their new forever family. Most all of the children would adapt the best in a home that has older children where this child would be the youngest. This is a good situation for empty nesters who have the experience of raising children already but don't have other children to tend to. This allows the new adopted child to experience the one on one attention that he/she needs to thrive.

These children are offered through the Wasatch International Second Chance Program. Right now there are three children in this program we are helping advocate for.
Lori, age 10 was adopted from Ukraine and currently lives in the States waiting to find another adoptive family.
Mark, age 11 was adopted from Guatemala and is currently seeking new placement.
Victor, age 9 was adopted from Russia in 2008 and is currently needing new placement.

All of these children appear precious. I have full bios of all of them. You may also email Cyndi Peck at for more information.

These kids have been through a lot. God still has a plan for them. There is the perfect family out there for each of these precious children in order to help them heal and thrive beautifully in their lives. There are grants available for all of these children. These would not be expensive adoptions considering how much some adoptions cost. If you would like to know more about them, please email me at These are beautiful children in need of a home. I can't wait to help them find one.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I am completely speechless by what I am seeing all over the news. The tornadoes that continue to devastate community after community and state after state are just completely horrific! We must all stand in the gap for all of these victims and PRAY! Our prayers are with you!! If you were hit by these tornadoes, or if you know someone who was, let us hear from you. Please tell us how we can be of best help in a situation like this. Tell us how we can pray for you. We want to hear your story and your heart. Feel free to leave a comment on this blog post or you can email me at If you have pictures you would like me to post of the seriousness of this devastation, feel free to email them to me. We, at Ordinary Hero, are praying about what would be the best possible way we can help during this devastation in our country. The strength and endurance I have seen on TV from the victims is truly remarkable. Our hearts and prayers are with all of these tornado victims.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Little World Changers in Ky!!

Is there an age limit as to when we can encourage our children to make a difference by helping others in need? I think as you watch these awesome preschoolers in Ky you will see that age is not a limitation. These kids came together and gave all their change to help make a difference. One small preschool class ended up giving $250 in change. That is a LOT for some little folks. I drove in to Ky to visit with them and show them how much they will help others by their giving. These kids were a lot of fun and have some adorable spirits and some great big hearts!! All you northerners will enjoy the southern accents :) Thank you Promise Land Preschool, in Hopkinsville, KY, for making my day by being such awesome Ordinary Heroes!!

Silence my music on the right side bar or CLICK HERE to go directly to the link to watch these awesome kiddos!!

Ordinary Hero ~Little World Changers in Ky from Kelly Putty on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finding The Cause Within You

I woke up this morning to the Life Today Weekly Devotional. It is written by Matthew Barnett, coming from his book, The Cause Within You: Finding the One Great Thing You Were Created to Do in This World. I thought it totally lines up with what is in my heart and what we, at Ordinary Hero, are all about. I wanted to share some of it and hope that it inspires and encourages you today.

If you're like most people I meet, you have at least a general sense of what your life is supposed to be about. You may see yourself as an educator, an organizer, a protector, or a manager. Ever since I was a teenager, I've known that I was called to be a spiritual leader, just like my father and grandfather who served for many years as pastors of churches. But having a general sense of purpose doesn't really give you or me much of the detail regarding what it looks like in practice.

And that's where understanding the cause within you comes into play.

Surveys tell us that tens of millions of people—nearly half of all adults—admit they are still seeking to understand the meaning and ultimate purpose of their lives. Research confirms that a huge majority of people—more than three out of every four adults—say they want to make a difference in the world; they want their lives to account for some lasting, positive outcome. But the statistics further point out that most people hold onto that hope as something they may experience in the future; it is not a present reality for them. In other words, many of us do not know the cause that will give our lives genuine fulfillment.

When you were born, God instilled many things within you. One of them was a great cause that He wants you to embrace. In His unique grandeur, He created a universe in which the cumulative effect of all people faithfully pursuing the cause within them would result in a transformed world -- one in which everyone's needs would be met and every servant's heart would be filled with the joy of blessing others. Unfortunately, we live in a traumatized world -- in part because so many people fail to identify and pursue the cause He has given them. Even though it would provide the happiness and fulfillment they have been seeking, they have failed to build their lives around that cause.

From the outset, let me point out that I don't know the details of the great cause residing within you, but I do know that it is related to people—specifically, how you can make the world a better place by serving other people, whether one-on-one or behind the scenes. A transforming cause is never about you—promoting yourself, achieving greater fame or fortune, experiencing more pleasure or comfort, amassing great power. It is always about using the resources God has given you—skills, relationships, experiences, money, time, intelligence, and all the rest—to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

To grasp that cause, your spirit needs to be awakened. So many people are alive but not really living -- they're just surviving. That's not how it's meant to be! I get such inspiration from the ordinary people I meet who are doing extraordinary things because they have devoted themselves to the great cause God has custom designed just for them. They have had to search deep inside themselves and examine the information, people, experiences, and opportunities that God brought into their lives to discover how to get the most out of life. When they figured it out and committed themselves to that cause, they found that God partners with them in amazing ways. At the Dream Center, we see God doing miracles all the time—miracles that were made possible by ordinary people, like you and me, stepping up and stepping out to do astounding acts of service that really do change the world.

Sometimes people challenge this claim and say, "I can't do anything great. I don't have an education." Or, "My life is a mess. I have been physically and emotionally abused. I'm not strong enough to help others; I can barely help myself." Or, "I'm so busy right now, raising my children, trying to make ends meet financially, and taking care of my spouse; I just don't have the time or energy to change the world." Or even, "I'm not interested in helping other people. It's a dog-eat-dog world, and I've got to look out for myself. Nobody else will."

On the one hand, you don't give God credit—not enough to believe that He would never set you up for failure, but that He wants you to optimize your earthly journey, and that He loves you so much that He is eagerly awaiting the chance to partner with you to have an amazing impact in the lives you are about to touch. On the other hand, you’re giving yourself too much credit. Sure, you can make choices, but ultimately you are not really in control of your place in the world; God is.

So don't settle for weak excuses about your inabilities, lack of experience, fear, busyness, personal needs, or other obstacles. Those are all distractions from the truth. We have had literally thousands of people come through the Dream Center who are addicted, abused, prostituted, abandoned, disabled -- you name it, we've seen it. In spite of such barriers, many of those people transcended their challenges and limitations by choosing to trust God, getting their lives right, adopting a realistic perspective about life, and pursuing the cause He instilled within them. It's never easy—and there is always a price to pay—but people invariably testify that their commitment to the cause elevated their life to a new level of significance and satisfaction. And there is a hidden benefit in being true to their cause. In every case, we hear our Dream Center volunteers explained that although their motivation was to help others, they feel as if they were the ones who have been helped the most.

Happy Sunday to all you Ordinary Heroes out there!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Urgent Need For Host Home in Middle TN or Surrounding Area for 2 Ukraine Teen girls!!!!

It has been brought to my attention once again of two 15 yr old teen girls from Ukraine desperately needing to find a host home for 4 weeks during the summer, probably starting around the end of June and into July. Their program coordinator will be in the Middle TN area and would like to keep the girls in this or the surrounding area in order to connect with them during their visit. I put the word out a while back about another child needing a home. She found a host home!! Now this situation has arisen. The deadline has passed but they are extending it for these two friends. One of the girls was accepted by a host family and she was told that she was coming to America and was just so excited. Since then, for unforeseen circumstances, that family had to withdraw their application. This young girl no longer has a host family. Her friend was also REALLY hoping to be accepted by a host family and has not been yet, so they thought it best to try to host them together. I'm really hoping that this is part of God's plan for them. Even though the first young girl no longer has a host family, I'm hoping that now it will be even better because she can find another host family quickly and also be able to have her friend along with her. That would be so AWESOME for these two girls. Having someone by your side who speaks your own language and knows where you are coming from is HUGE. This would be an amazing, life changing experience for these two young friends from Ukraine. It is ONLY for 4 weeks during the summer but would make a lifetime of difference and impact in their lives as orphans to bring them hope and encourage them in what God has called them to do in their future. Being an orphan in the Ukraine is very hard. These girls need to be shown love, hope and a world outside of their own. Won't you please consider hosting these girls this summer if you feel God tugging at your heart about it?

To find out more about the process, visit US Russia Global Exchange.  Here you will find out the requirements and all the info of the exchange program. You may also email Jan Richey at He can tell you all about the program and answer any questions you may have. 

Also, there is a $1000 scholarship for each girl to be able to come to the US. That should make it even better for everyone involved :) 

I can't wait to see what family God has called to step up and take these two young orphans into their home for  4 life changing weeks in the summer. Please let me know as well if you decide to take in these girls, by emailing me at  I would love to keep up with your journey in order to encourage others to do this in their future. 

Blessings to all you Ordinary Heroes out there!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who you are helping in Ethiopia.....

 A picture says a thousand words.......
Trust me when I say that your help with Restoration Orphanage is greatly appreciated. Ashli has taken this project on, and she and God, with your help, are making a HUGE difference. She also just had a team come in to help her. Here you have it in her own words....

"Its going great!! This VO team helped organize and paint and it already looks like a different place!!! Its amazing! The kids are so happy! The baby room actually smells good and all the babies have gained 1-3 oz already! God really knows what He is doing and how He is doing it! Everything is such perfect timing, it is all undeniably Him!"

One young girl, doing an amazing work in Ethiopia and literally saving lives!!! If you would like to donate toward helping the children in this orphanage, you may do so HERE. Just remember to put "Orphanage aide" in the memo box. Remember your donation is tax deductible.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Local Outreach at the Mission

 I hope all of you wonderful Moms out there had a blessed Mother's Day! Even if you are not a Mom yet, but have a Mother's Heart....I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Children need a mother's heart to care for them regardless of if you actually birthed them or not :)

I wanted to show you all some pics of our Local Mother's Day Outreach. This is the second year in a row we have done this. My amazing friend, Carol, helped organize it this year. She put the call out, needing items to fill over 180 bags to be given to the moms residing at the Nashville Rescue Mission, in order to bless them on Mother's Day. In a lot of cases, these Moms are all that their children have. It is important to show them how special they are and to encourage them to be the best mom they can be. all came through. So many donated and then came together to pack these bags for the moms. First you can see everyone gathered at Bethel World Outreach to fill all these bags with the mountains of donated items. Many thanks to those of you who donated and to those of you who came to help pack the bags.

 Some of the kiddos even joined in to help pack these bags for the moms.
 We had such an awesome group of ladies that helped make this possible!!
 And again, special thanks to Carol (on the right below) who organized this. Missy (on the left) organizes a group every Friday to go to the mission to serve. If you would like to know more about getting involved in that just email me at
 I was scheduled to speak to these special ladies on Sat, the day of their Mother's Day brunch.  As you can see below, the bags made it over to the mission and were waiting for the Moms as their special gift.
 I was so honored to be the speaker at their Mother's Day luncheon. I love these ladies!!
 My friend, Carrie Cecil, always is quick to serve these women at the mission, herself. She introduced me to the ladies.
 I spent a bit just encouraging these moms and showing them that they have purpose in this world as mothers and individuals put here to serve and make a difference.

 Carrie organized a group to come in and bring decorations for the tables and help serve the women lunch. Many thanks to all of you who served.

 Everything was beautiful, right down to the table decorations. Thanks, Carrie!!

 I was blessed to be able to eat with the ladies during their lunch after I spoke. They kept saying how wonderful it all was and how blessed they felt. The smallest acts of kindness really go so far for women who need encouragement to know they are loved and not forgotten.
 Thanks to the young teens who came in to serve as well!! Love the hair nets ladies!!!
 Oh wait!! The big girls got to enjoy the hair nets as well while they served in the kitchen. So sad I missed out on that ;)
 Carrie sporting her hair cap and proud of it!!
Thanks so much to everyone for making all of this possible for the women living at the mission in Nashville. I will post a video soon of my speech to them. I also heard that this inspired some of you to do a similar outreach for the mission moms in your community. That is soooo awesome!!

Also, I must thank all of you for stepping up to help Ashli in Ethiopia. She is totally blessed by all the support and soooo needs it. I also must introduce you to my friend, Kelly Bullock.

She is our new Ethiopia Missions Coordinator. She is helping me answer some emails and keep organized with all this and is wonderful at it. I am so grateful to have her. She brought her baby girl home from Ethiopia this year after she met her in an orphanage on our last July mission trip. She traveled with us and met her daughter there. How cool is that? Now baby Mercy is home and she is helping OH with Ethiopia missions coordinating. Woo hoo!! So if you have any questions about the orphanage, donations, Ashli, or the like, email If you have a question that has not gotten answered by me yet, just email Kelly B. I am one Momma stretched in a million directions and get behind sometimes, as I'm sure you can imagine :)

Welcome, Kelly B, to the OH Team and thanks a MILLION for your help!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Help is on the Way to Ethiopia!!! Thank you!!

Wow! I have received such an outpouring of love from so many of you who have donated and are wanting to give donation items to help Ashli and the orphanage, from my post yesterday. We can't thank you enough!! I am just thrilled! This place is going to get turned around with all of your help. Ashli is so humbled and blessed by your generosity and in awe of her great God!!

Ashli sent some pics today. Of course we can't show any faces but you can see the great need and malnourishment of this sweet little baby. Just know that your donations are going a long way and will bring MANY babies back to health.

It was also very cool. I have a friend that is flying out to Ethiopia on a Visiting Orphans trip tomorrow and told me she could take over two bags of supplies for us to give Ashli and they were taking some stuff as well.  So I put the word out on my facebook that I needed some donations if anybody had any. I had to travel to Ky today to speak to the cutest preschool who gave money to OH (I will post on that later), and when I got back to my house, there were enough items left on my porch and in my garage to fill EXACTLY two FULL bags, which was my limit for this trip. It was as if God hand picked all the items and knew exactly when it would be full. It was awesome!! These bags are full of the exact items that she needs. She will be thrilled to get them. 

Some of you have asked about specific needs so I had her list out all the things the orphanage needs. This is the list she sent if you feel led toward giving toward any specific need. Unfortunately we can't ship things to her because of the risk of it not getting there or getting gone through once it does get there. So if you want to donate any of these items and gather them yourself you can mail them to me and we will send them over with a team or individual traveling who will get them to her. Keep in mind this is what she needs to give the whole place an overhaul :)

Things the orphanage needs:
Baby scale
wall clocks
stove (the one they have barely works)
pots pans
shelves for closets
a desk and some chairs for office
Kid table and chairs
baby baths
changing tables 4
radio 3
teething rings
Water machines 3 (around $300 each) so that they have clean water
new mattresses 
adult size beds
baby soap and shampoo
wash cloths and towels (TONS)
lotion (regular and baby)
blankets/comforters (adult, toddler, and baby)
sheets (twin adult, toddler beds, and crib sheets)
bottles (premie)
shoes (all sizes)
clothes (all sizes)
bumbo seats
bouncy seats
sleep mats (like pre-k uses to take naps)
socks (all sizes)
underware and panties (all sizes)
hand sanitizer
diaper rash cream
baby hair brushes
baby oil
fungal cream
fungal shampoo
baby meds
Pajamas for all ages!!!!!!
coloring books
crayons, markers, etc
baby lullubay Cd's
comfy chairs for nannies
light bulbs

Also, if you have not seen our newest OH video and want to catch a glimpse of Ashli in action, you can watch it here. (Silence music on sidebar or CLICK HERE to go straight to link.)

Real Life Among Us~ Ordinary Hero from Kelly Putty on Vimeo.

Lastly, I want to throw out some prayer requests. Please keep my sister, Kristi in your prayers. She is in Ethiopia right now with her new son Paulos, waiting to get cleared at Embassy so they can travel home. Please pray that takes place quickly. 

Also please pray for my sister, Kasey who continues to wait for her son's paperwork to clear so they can bring him home. He has been stuck because of paperwork and we need that to all clear quickly and them get the stamp of approval to bring him home. She also received sad news that her son's birthmom passed away yesterday. What a blessing they got to meet her and get some last video with her and their son together at their first court date. She loved him greatly but was dying of Aids. Kasey said she was very sick at the meeting but no one expected her to pass away this soon. She would come visit Lincoln and love on him while he was in the orphanage, knowing that she would die soon. Now he is truly orphaned and we need to get him home, so thank you for your prayers on that.  

Also, if you are an OH fundraising affiliate then you know Gina. She is our fabulous fundraising coach who keeps everyone on their toes with fresh ideas and encouragement. I ask that you pray for her sister today. She has Lupus and was admitted to ICU because of a bad spell with it recently. Please pray for her quick healing.  

Thanks for your continued support of OH and all who we support and love because of you :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Immediate Need In Ethiopia

I have so many things I need to post but not enough time or posts in one day :) I want to post today about an immediate need that we have in Ethiopia. We are thrilled to say that we are taking on an active role in caring for the needs of children in a certain orphanage in Ethiopia. This orphanage is FULL of babies that need YOUR help! I have my friend on the ground there that is going to be making sure that ALL the children have all of their basic needs met, but it is going to take a lot of work and help from all of us.

First, let me introduce you to Ashli....She joined our July Ethiopia mission trip last minute last year. She was a twenty something year old girl, working as a waitress, still praying for God to show her her purpose in life. She heard about our trip and decided to go. She knew she had a heart to serve and that this would give her an opportunity to do just that for a week or so in Ethiopia. She had never been to Ethiopia. So here you see her below, with her father, in the airport, as they were saying goodbye and she was getting ready to board the plane with all of us (whom she did not know well at the time) for Ethiopia.

Little did she know that her world was about to be rocked and that, indeed, God had BIG PLANS for her and her great big heart to serve. Her prayers were about to be answered in ways that she NEVER dreamed!
We all arrived in Ethiopia and began our journey each day going from orphanage to orphanage, serving these children who had nothing......Ashli dove right in, loving on these children, while God did a work in her heart.

It was when we went to the trash dump community that something shifted in Ashli. She suddenly felt such a love and pull toward those children and toward that community that was considered the poorest of the poor, that she knew God was trying to do a work in her and show her something about her own life through this community. The whole community lived, ate, and breathed the trash dump EVERYDAY. They battle leprosy, disease, and things that most of us would run from, but Ashli ran towards them.  All of our hearts broke for them in ways that affected all of us. Ashli loved and served this community with all her heart while we were there.

So there you have it. The trip was over. Ashli had loved in ways she never had before and then we all returned home. But something in her had changed. She could not get the children out of her mind, heart, and soul. She dreamed of them, she thought of them, and prayed for them as she tried to go on with her life as a waitress in America. So as she found herself back in her comfort zone, praying once more for God to show her the path He has for her, He spoke loud and clear and she knew what she had to do without a shadow of a doubt, even though it sounded completely crazy to everyone else.

So in November she packed her bags to move to Ethiopia with no return ticket. She didn't quite know what God wanted her to do but she got what support she could and showed up in Ethiopia to help serve the Project 61 team who was solely helping the trash dump community.  She suddenly knew that she was living out her life calling by serving and loving these children who have NOTHING. I showed back up in December to find Ashli living and operating in this new world that she now called her own, and doing an AMAZING and INSPIRING job! Everywhere she went, children ran to her to get a hug. She was already speaking their language and I saw God at work in her like I had never seen before. HIS love poured out of her. She had now literally become HIS hands and feet and HE was using her mightily. The waitress from America had found her life calling in Ethiopia in ways she never dreamed.

So, as it turns out, as of recently she has been led to an orphanage that is entrusting her with the care of the children. To protect the kids in the orphanage we will call it  Restoration Orphanage, because I think God will restore their lives from the mirey pit and use this place as a place of Restoration in the future for other children. God has handed this place to her for her to step in and help when there are certainly children on death's door. She has gone in and described the needs of these children to me, especially the babies, and it is devastating and heartbreaking! They need care and they need care fast. A few babies have not made it and I believe that is why God has now led Ashli to this place through a connection that I have and is now going to use her to bring these children back to life. It is going to take a lot of work, money, formula, supplies, etc but I know it can be done. AND it can be done by this one young girl.....WITH ALL OUR HELP.  Here is an excerpt from her as of yesterday......

"As I held an orphaned little girl tonight who is 10lbs underweight, I began to sing Jesus Loves Me. She stared in my eyes as I sang and I started thinking about her life. Her last name is X because she has no father, she is malnourished, found in the street, and has a horrible bacterial infection that if went untreated would kill her. As the song was ending her eyes slowly closed as she drifted off to sleep. A peace that passes all understanding was shown through the sweetest smile as she slept. I whispered, "Lord, you are her Father. She does have a name, and you know her by name. You know her life and her destiny. Protect her heart and give her peace." There are 15 other babies with a similar story in this orphanage, and 10 more on the way, and only 3 nannies to care for them. I pray that all who read this would prayerfully consider helping this orphanage financially care for these helpless lives. The nannies LOVE these babies but the funding just isn't there for proper care. You can turn tears of hunger into peaceful nights of sleep, and the longing for someone to just hold you into security and happiness. Will you help an orphan fall asleep in peace tonight? "

As you can see, her heart is being pulled in a million directions as she tries to help these babies the best that she knows how. She needs our help and Ordinary Hero has taken on this orphanage with Ashli on the ground and ready to help see these children brought back to health. There are possible adoption opportunities in the future as well as sponsorship opportunities. We will be visiting this orphanage on our trips in July. 

Since the need right now is GREAT, I am putting this call out to any of you who would like to help financially to get her the immediate supplies she needs. This would be a great opportunity for you, your bible study, church, girls group, bunko group, etc to come together to help the children in this orphanage and see this place get back on it's feet. We will give you updates on how your donation has helped the children. You will also get to see our teams go in and apply hands on love and aid to this orphanage that you have an investment in. We also invite you to join one of our trips and visit it yourself if you decide to help financially. Ashli needs our help! She will immediately purchase new beds, mattresses, sheets, diapers, formula(much needed), bottles, LOTS of preemie items, hire MUCH NEEDED new nannies, a MUCH NEEDED Nurse, Cleaning crew, etc. This place needs an overhaul!! She took Sumer, from Project61, in there and they both just bawled their eyes out because of the need. 

I KNOW WE CAN ALL HELP IN SOME WAY!  Ashli has given her life to help these children. Let's show her support as best we can. If you would like to make a one time donation, or a much needed monthly partnership to help this orphanage, please CLICK HERE to go to our Donate page.  Be sure to put in the "SEND US A MESSAGE" box ORPHANGE AIDE .  If you do decide to help monthly, please let us know that. All donations are tax deductible through Ordinary Hero Foundation. 

Also, I have added this orphanage to our drop down menu when you check out of the OH Store. Anything you purchase from the store, you can click on Orphanage/Ethiopia, Restoration and that orphanage will get 40% of your sale. 

I can't wait to tell Ashli that help is on the way!!! 

Blessings to all of you as we stand together to be HIS hands and feet through one brave young girl standing ready to help on the other side of the world.