Monday, January 23, 2012

January OH Grant Winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!


are being awarded again this month to our TOP 3 Sellers!!!


Each month we give our top 3 Selling Affiliates $500 toward their adoption or mission trip in which they are fundraising for. We love supporting adoptions and missions!! It is where our heart is. We, at OH, love helping you all reach your fundraising goals through our Affiliate Program!!

Once again, this month our Affiliates knocked our socks off!! We expected a SLOW January, but that wasn't the case at all! We had some true go-getters who got the word out and had some amazing purchases on their behalf!! You guys have some AWESOME friends and family who love and support you in your passion to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE!!

So.....our top three selling January Grant Affiliates, and winners of the $500 Grant, are......

#1 Kara Vassar from Appleton, WI!! She is fundraising for a misson trip to Ethiopia to work with the ministry, Yezelalem Minch, that OH happend to visit last year on one of our Summer Mission Trips! Gina Payne, Our fundraising coach, emailed Kara to ask if she would be interested in becoming an OH Product Partner and without hesitation she said YES! (Her items will be featured in next months Grant contest!) Gina mentioned to Kara she should sign up to become an affilaite and let us help her with her fundraising. Kara thought, why not, and she hit the ground running!! Half way through the Grant contest Kara found out that YM had agreed to cover most of her trip costs, so she then began fundrasing to bring EXTRA supplies for YM! She is taking an extra 5 totes to Ethiopia filled with donations! In just 10 days earned $912.31 just from her 40% affiliate commission. THEN she earned another $500 for being a top seller which brings her total earnings to $1412.31 in just 10 Days!!! Woo Hoo!! Girl, you are so showing out! Congrats!

#2 Julie Boyd from McCalla, Alabama!! Her sales soared!! The Boyd's are fundraising for an adoption from China! And in just 10 days she earned $910.36 just from her 40% affiliate commission. THEN she earned the $500 grant which means in just 10 days she now has an extra $1410.36 toward her adoption! To sweeten the pot, the Boyd's recently found out they received a MATCHING Grant from Lifesong! So with the matching Lifesong grant they will double their OH fundraising money to $2820.72 !! Incredible!! I'snt that AMAZING? Julie was also one of our OH Decemeber Product Partners! She donated $300 worth of product to help other fundraising families, and little did she know that her seed was being sown, and look how fruitful it became! We are so happy for you Julie!!! God is Good! You have some amazing Ordinary Heroes!

#3 Kristen Gilliss from Bismarck, ND!! The Gilliss family is fundraising for their daughter's adoption, who is 6, and lives in Ethiopia. They are currently waiting for their court trip to Ethiopia! They are hoping to be traveling to Ethiopia in March! They have been long time followers of OH since October of 2009!. In just 10 days she raised $677.38 just from her 40% affiliate earnings and THEN she earned another $500 as being a top seller!! That brings her total earnings in just 10 days to $1177.38!! :-) Congratulations Gilliss family!

Wow!! Congratulations to our top 3 OH Affiliates!!

We also want to mention an HONORABLE MENTION for this Grant period who had over $1000 in sales credited to their name during this grant giveaway. Remember that means that they still earned over $400 with their 40% commission which is a huge blessing! We would like to give this honorable mention, strong selling affilate, who sold over $1000 in product, a $50 gift certificate to the OH store. "Great Job"!! Girl, you had 2 purchases made and one of them bought 4 donkeys and a half of a sheep! Wowza!

Our "honorable mention" who had OVER $1000 in sales credited to their name, and gets a $50 gift certificate, is....

Jessica Heesch


I must send out a major THANK YOU to all of our Affiliates, and all of you who supported our Affiliates through your purchases!! They could not have done this without the support of family and friends who purchased on their behalf to support their cause.

Remember, Affiliates, YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!!

You all receive 40% of every purchase credited to your name.
We are thrilled to be able to offer this to you!!

We want to give a shout out to Kelley Williams, who donated several of her Why Adopt? Africa Adoption T-shirts (there are a few left in the STORE) to help these fundraising families and OH. These were awesome shirts that speaks the Gospel right across the front for those of you who are adopting from Africa! They also make these tees for China and domestic adoptions. I will be sending info out later today on how you can see these shirts and how you can support this family's adoption with your purchase!
We also want to Thank our past product partners whos items we sold in this Grant Contest! Thank YOU Sow to China (Julie Boyd), MakHappi (Makenzi Coder) and Team Keehn (Heather Keehn) for allowing us to continue to sell your AWESOME items that you shared with us to help these AMAZING families!
We want to thank ALL of our families who have donated items toward helping these fundraising families. I will be doing a post VERY SOON announcing who they are and where you can go to buy more of their stuff!! We are excited about our product partners!!

Who will it be in Febuary?

If you are interested in partnering YOUR product with OH to benefit our fundraising families, please email for more information.

Again, CONGRATS to our Grant Winners!!


See how 10 days can make a drastic difference in YOUR fundraising!!

Check out our Affiliate Program and get signed up today :-)


Friday, January 20, 2012

New Product in the OH Store!

Be sure to visit the Ordinary Hero Store today and check out our NEW ITEMS. 
Less than 3 days left in this month's grant contest. It's never too late to sign up as an OH affiliate. 
We love helping you fundraise!  :-)

You can also find her on facebook.  

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Do YOU Wanna Be Featured in Woman's Day Magazine?

As some of you may remember, I was featured in the August issue of Woman's Day Magazine for the work I do with Ordinary Hero and helping children in need. It was such an honor and amazing experience! 

Well.....EXCITING NEWS!! They are looking for another "Ordinary Hero", so to speak, who is doing amazing things by helping children in need, for their upcoming May, Mother's Day issue!! 
They have asked Ordinary Hero to help them find YOU! 

Here is what they are looking for from the email I received from Brian, their Senior Editor.....

I’m working on a story for our May issue (our Mother’s Day issue). We’re looking to profile extraordinary moms in the NY, NJ, CT area who are doing fabulous things with adoption, fostering, etc. Basically, someone just like you, who we haven’t featured yet. Ideally, a mother who’s fostered a lot of children (and would be willing to be photographed with them), a mother who has started an adoption/fostering/children’s charity (like you) - that kind of thing.

So notice he said they want to feature someone from the NY, NJ, CT area. They are keeping this one close to their home base of New York. 
So here is what I want you to do....

(Be sure to include their contact info if it is not you)

I will allow submissions from other states just because you never know when they might be looking for someone to feature for a later issue but there are no guarantees. We, at Ordinary Hero, will start featuring some of your stories that don't get picked by Woman's Day on our blog as our "Ordinary Hero Spotlight". We love that there are so many of you Ordinary Heroes out there who do so many amazing things! People need to know about you! 



So send me your stories and FIRST INCLUDE WHERE YOU ARE FROM. If you are from one of the above states mentioned for the issue, make sure we see it loud and clear!!!
As I get the submissions I will forward them on to Brian. 

Here is the thing......
They need these submissions ASAP so the sooner the better!!

So.....1, 2, 3 Go!!!

Start getting us those stories and you could have the awesome experience with the wonderful folks at Woman's Day,  like I did. 

You will get your own photo shoot, and go from this..... 

To this........

To THIS!!!


Friday, January 13, 2012

OH GRANT contest starts today and runs through next Sunday, January 22nd at midnight! Need $500, $1000, $1500? Become an affilate today!

Our FIRST Grant contest of 2012 is underway! Ordinary Hero will be giving away THREE $500 grants to our top sellers that sell product in the OH STORE over the next 10 days! Our past winners have earned $1000 up to $2500 in a 10 day time period. The contest starts today and runs through next Sunday, January 22nd and will close at midnight (Central time!) Good luck to all!!!
As an OH affilaite you earn money through items purchased in our STORE on your behalf. If you are one of our TOP 3 sellers, you win an additonal $500! It's easy and its FAST! It's a super quick fundraiser that can earn you some cool cash and your friends and family get some really cool gear! If you would like to become an OH affilate or know someone who is fundraising for mission trips or adoptions please share our fundraising program with them! We would love to GRANT them an extra $500! Thanks for sharing this post with your friends and family!
Click here to find out how to become an affiliate-- Its FREE and takes 2 minutes to JOIN!

We will be adding some new items (Think Valentine's Day and Baby its cold outside....) later this morning. We received our new product late yesterday so we are frantically trying to organzize it and get it up on the STORE site. Check the STORE later today to view all of our new products! We also added some new long sleeve kid tees and our new Charcoal colored "Change the World for One" Burn out hoodie at the end of December.... You will want to check those new items out and they are loaded on the site right now!

We have so many ideas that we are eager to share with all of you in the future months! So many great opportunites lie ahead. Thanks for being a part of our journey!

We will only have one Product Partner (PP) this month...I took a much needed break over the Holidays from recruiting and we had one PP's merchandise delivered to the wrong State this week, so we will just have one Product partner for this grant. I have already signed up 4 Product Partners for Febuary and am now working on filling up March slots. I would like to have 3 PP's a month. If you would like to learn more about our Product Partner program contact Gina Payne at

Good luck to everyone that is trying to win that Grant money! All affilaites should be getting emails from Gina, our fundraising coach with TIPS on how to fundraise using social media... IF you are not getting emails then we do not have your correct email address. Reach out to her (email is listed above) and she will add you to our list. Also, check out "OH Fundraising" on FB, and you can follow along ways to market to your FB friends and family.

Happy Friday to all of our Ordinary Hero's!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Awaken 2 Mission Conference THIS WEEKEND IN FRANKLIN TN!!

I want to invite you out to the Awaken 2 Mission Conference this Friday and Sat, January 13-14 at Journey Church. 
Ordinary Hero will be there so come check out all the awesome stuff they have going on and stop by and say hi to us at our booth. Ordinary Hero product and info will be available at our booth. 
Come see us!! 


A Conversation to Inspire Mission

Friday, January 13 and Saturday, January 14, 2012

Journey Church, Building 8, The Factory
Franklin, TN

Jerry Rankin, President Emeritus, SBC International Mission Board
Jordan Sekulow, ACLJ 
Darren Tyler, Conduit Mission
David Whetstone, Mentor Leaders 
Chris McClarney, Worship Leader
... and more!

Schedule of Events

Friday, January 13: 
5pm: Doors Open/Registration
7pm Worship / Welcome / Jerry Rankin: Keynote Address
9-9:45pm Talk Shop 
10pm Dismissal

Saturday, January 14:
8:30am Welcome / Worship / Jordan Sekulow: Keynote Address
10am-12pm Poverty Simulation, Main Auditorium (pre-registration necessary)
10-10:45am Workshop (End Slavery/Safe World Nexus)
11-11:45am Workshop (End Slavery/Safe World Nexus)
12-1pm Lunch (Chick Fil A onsite: $4 bag lunch includes beverage)
1-2:45pm Mentor Leaders Breakout (Main Auditorium)

1-1:45pm Workshop (Conduit Collective/Hope Force)
2-2:45pm Workshop (Conduit Collective/Hope Force)
3pm Keynote Address: Darren Tyler
4pm Talk Shop
5pm Dismissal / Dinner

Saturday Night, January 14
7pm Night of Worship and Consecration with David Whetstone and Chris McClarney

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Recent World Changers!!

How cute is this Christmas family picture?? Deena Maley, from Cincinnati, Ohio, is raising funds through OH for their adoption and sent me this adorable pic of her kids. You guys make awesome OH models!!

 Ashley Hogeland, from Greenwood, AR, traveled with OH to Ethiopia in July 2011. She is now spreading the word and bringing awareness of the orphan crisis by sharing her personal experience. She visited this 1st grade class who are all collecting items to help in Africa. Here is Ashley in her own words, "It was so much fun talking to these kids about the trip!  The kids found out they could collect capri suns and other wrappers to recycle and earn points for things for their classroom.  However, the 1st graders decided that they would rather help other people.  So, they are collecting points to build water wells in Africa.  Cool huh??  They are definitely ordinary heroes!!  :) 
They even landed in the local paper.  Thanks, Ashley, for continuing to be an Ordinary Hero!

Next we have this awesome little girl who collected all these Blessing Bags in her best friend's memory!!

I received this email from her mother....

My daughters best friend passed away 4 years ago and we have decided to do the "blessings bags" in her memory, putting a "Gabrielles Gift" sticker on each bag.  We will set aside $37 each month for "bag creation" and when we get a good amount of bags, well send them off (as you can see from the picture, our first shipment is ready to go).  We will also get the word out for those who care to join us.   Thanks for the opportunity to partner with you to touch others with the love of God ;)
darlene grieco

How AMAZING is that?? This little girl's best friend will be shining down from heaven on each child we give a bag to. Thank you for being Ordinary Heroes, honoring your friend's memory, and showering love on so many, all at the same time!! What an example you are!

Adoption, spreading orphan awareness, collecting donations.....the list goes on. We can all find ways to be an Ordinary Hero to someone in need. May you be inspired and encouraged by these Ordinary Heroes, and may your days in 2012 be filled with joy and inspiration to help others in need.