Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Product Partners!!


Many of you who shopped during our last grant contest may have noticed some cool new items in our OH Store. We had some amazing families partner up with OH to offer some of their product in order to benefit our fundraising families. How awesome is that?? We have sold out of most of it and now you are left saying...."Where can I get more?" Well here is where you can get more cool items that you saw in our store in December. Be sure to check out the links below and shop with these families. Many of them are fundraising and make things in order to raise funds for their own adoptions, or some of them have adopted and are now pouring back into the cause that stirred their heart to give back. 

If you have items that you are currently selling, and you would like more info about how our Product Partners works, please email for more info. We are currently stocking up on cool new items for our January grant contest. Don't miss out.....and don't forget to support the families that are listed below, and purchase some really cool stuff!! 

Our cool headbands this month ~ MakHappi

Awesome hand-made items~ Sow To China

Art plaques, key fobs and more~ Teem Keehn

Awesome Ornaments!~ Ethiopia Dad

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