Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Recent World Changers!!

How cute is this Christmas family picture?? Deena Maley, from Cincinnati, Ohio, is raising funds through OH for their adoption and sent me this adorable pic of her kids. You guys make awesome OH models!!

 Ashley Hogeland, from Greenwood, AR, traveled with OH to Ethiopia in July 2011. She is now spreading the word and bringing awareness of the orphan crisis by sharing her personal experience. She visited this 1st grade class who are all collecting items to help in Africa. Here is Ashley in her own words, "It was so much fun talking to these kids about the trip!  The kids found out they could collect capri suns and other wrappers to recycle and earn points for things for their classroom.  However, the 1st graders decided that they would rather help other people.  So, they are collecting points to build water wells in Africa.  Cool huh??  They are definitely ordinary heroes!!  :) 
They even landed in the local paper.  Thanks, Ashley, for continuing to be an Ordinary Hero!

Next we have this awesome little girl who collected all these Blessing Bags in her best friend's memory!!

I received this email from her mother....

My daughters best friend passed away 4 years ago and we have decided to do the "blessings bags" in her memory, putting a "Gabrielles Gift" sticker on each bag.  We will set aside $37 each month for "bag creation" and when we get a good amount of bags, well send them off (as you can see from the picture, our first shipment is ready to go).  We will also get the word out for those who care to join us.   Thanks for the opportunity to partner with you to touch others with the love of God ;)
darlene grieco

How AMAZING is that?? This little girl's best friend will be shining down from heaven on each child we give a bag to. Thank you for being Ordinary Heroes, honoring your friend's memory, and showering love on so many, all at the same time!! What an example you are!

Adoption, spreading orphan awareness, collecting donations.....the list goes on. We can all find ways to be an Ordinary Hero to someone in need. May you be inspired and encouraged by these Ordinary Heroes, and may your days in 2012 be filled with joy and inspiration to help others in need. 


  1. These stories ARE truly AWESOME!!!! I love that so many are reaching out to help! The one in memory of her friend, just broke my heart. Such a beautiful way to honor this little girl!

    I am gearing up to do a bag party for my "Golden" Birthday and had a question...I use cloth diapers for my girls. I was wondering if instead of sending a disposable if it would be more useful to send a few prefolds with covers and a plastic closure clip (no pins!) so they could be reused for the babies/toddlers? I would include a photo print of how to use the diapers(clips) in each bag. I'm blessed yet embarrassed to be so ignorant on they have ability to wash and reuse these? Would it be helpful? Thank you for all you do and for making it so easy for us to help from home! We can all make a difference in His name!!!

  2. Hi Steph! Yes, cloth diapers are great! Thanks so much for offering to help.