Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ordinary Heroes!! Here, There, and Everywhere!

Can you just say I have sooooo gotten behind on my blogging? 

Life is busy! Whew!! 


I LOVE that in the middle of life's crazy schedule people are still taking time to bless someone in need and be that Ordinary Hero that can truly make a difference. 

I want to share some pics and such of some Ordinary Heroes and different things that have been going on lately. 

FIRST, We just went to the CREATED 4 CARE CONFERENCE in Atlanta this past weekend. 
What an amazing retreat!! It is totally meant to bless adoptive mommas with a much needed get away to get their tanks filled in many ways. 

There were over 400 women at this amazing retreat!

Look how beautiful! My room overlooked the water. 

This can surely get you to relax! It was awesome!

Alongside me for the weekend were Gina, our awesome fundraising coach, and Jenene, who has risen to the top of her own circumstances and is learning what it means to help others. 

We had our product table where we loved meeting everyone that would stop by! You will see us sporting our new tanks. No they are not in the online store yet, but coming soon :-) I LOVE them!

Our table was busy, busy!

I ran into my fellow adoption advocate Momma, and friend, Gwen from 147 Million Orphans. 
She is an amazing Ordinary Hero, herself! 

I loved meeting new friends at this retreat! Many who follow what we do and are Ordinary Heroes themselves in many ways. 

I also loved meeting some of our past Grant winners, Product Partners, and Fundraising Affiliates! 
So neat to see where they are all from and where they are in their adoption journey. Kim Adams, from North Dakota, was one of our previous big winners!!

Moving on from the conference, I want to show you some folks who are stepping out to make blessing bags!

Below, Whitney is one of our leaders traveling to ET in June. Her friend, Stacey and her fiance', Brandon, from Birmingham, had their small groups collect almost 100 Blessing Bags in honor of Whitney's Birthday, and surprised her with them. How awesome!

Below, Kelley and Jeff Williams had their small group collect and pack Blessing Bags to be taken to Ethiopia. Kelley traveled with us last summer to Ethiopia and is now in the middle of an adoption. 

Next we have Blessing Bags that were made from Alle's Birthday party. Christine sent me these pics below of her daughter Alle, and her friends, Kailey and Kelsey who chose to make BB's in honor of Alle's Bday. How awesome is that?!! Way to bless children across the world, girls!!

Speaking of Blessing Bags......

We will have new, Jute, Blessing Bag Totes available in the OH store real soon!

What is the purpose of these Blessing Bags? 

We want you to think outside the box!


What can you put in these Blessing Bags to be a surprise blessing to someone? 

Do you know a young mom who needs baby clothes, diapers, formula?
Do you know someone who needs groceries? 
Do your kids have too many toys?
Do you know someone who could use a pick me up in some way?

You can be an Ordinary Hero by being a big Blessing to someone in need.  

Get creative and fill these Blessing Bags and give them away to someone who really needs it. 

Don't stop there! Encourage that person to pay it forward. Show the person that was in need that they can be a blessing. Encourage them to think of someone and pass the bag along to be a blessing themselves. 

We are Blessed to be a Blessing! 


Now finally I want to show you some OH Sightings. These are awesome Ordinary Heroes sporting our OH gear! And don't forget about the next generation that we are training to CHANGE THE WORLD!

Evie sent me some pics of her fam sporting our gear with this note...
Our good friends, the Webbs  (they were one of the first 7 families to receive the OH matching grants -$890) just PASSED COURT yesterday in Addis!!! And in honor of this, many of us wore our OH shirts and posted them on HIS NEW PARENTS facebook walls!!! God is so good!

The Miller Family

 Bev came up with the idea :-)

Aaron and Erin



little Helen

Adoptive Momma, Kayla, from Fort Wayne, IN sent me this cute pic! One world changer, raising up another! I love it! This was before they brought home her little brother. 

Meggan sent us this of her little man. How adorable!!

 Erin from Portland, OR sent us this pic of her adorable cutie!!

 Tammy from CA has three adorable little world changers!!

Too Cute!!

Cindy sent us pics of her little Danny stating that he is gonna be a world changer, from Arlington Heights, IL. So cute!

Lastly we have the Archie family who just brought home their son Getu from Ethiopia. Getu was one of the older children that OH advocated for, for a long time. He proudly has a new family and we are so thrilled!! 



If you are serving as an Ordinary Hero, send us your pics to

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