Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August Grant WINNERS!!!

Yay!! We love giving grants!! Ordinary Hero has an affiliate program in which we help those of you who are fundraising for adoptions or missions, raise funds. We give 40% of everything sold in the store to our affiliates when their name is checked in the drop down menu during check out. It is that simple. We also average about one grant giveaway per month. We just wrapped up our grant giveaway this month which ended Saturday night. The top three affiliates with highest sales ($ amount) credited to their name during our grant contest are getting an extra $500, $300, and $100 (respectively) on top of their 40% they earned in commission to be applied toward their adoption or mission trip expenses. Yay!!

Soooo......our winners are......

#1 seller is Kennedy Odegaard!! Congrats Kennedy, you did a great job of rallying friends and family to purchase on your behalf and earn yourself the $500 grant! Kennedy is a senior in high school and is fundraising for her SECOND mission trip with OH! Her first was last July and she fell in love with Ethiopia! She was planning how to get back there before she even got home! Congratulations! This grant will definitely help you towards your goal! A little bit about Kennedy... She's from a small town near Fargo, North Dakota and is busy wrapping up her senior year, preparing for an early graduation, starting college, an upcoming internship in Ethiopia, and preparing for the Miss Teen North Dakota USA pageant coming up in November! Even though her plate is very full, becoming an advocate for orphans has taken hold in her heart. She can't wait to use the pageant to show people we can all do our part to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE!

#2 seller is Jenny Hanson!! Congrats, Jenny!! Jenny and her husband Bryan are the recipients of our $300 grant! They are fundraising for their second Ethiopian adoption. They have 2 biological kiddos and one adopted from Ethiopia. Their kids are SO excited for another sister to join their family! When they found out the family was adopting again, they made it clear they wanted to travel with their parents! So, fundraising with OH allows them to match whatever is raised and put it towards plane tickets for the kids! In under 2 months, because of grant opportunities and OH fundraising, they've already put enough away for one plane ticket!!! Way to go! Congratulations!! 

#3 seller is  Heather Vendervort!! Heather is fundraising for her first mission trip coming up in March with Ordinary Hero. It will also be her first trip overseas! She is so excited but equally nervous and is grateful for the support her husband is showing in being willing to take care of their three boys while she is away. She is the winner of our $100 grant, and is so excited to be one of this month's winners!! She says the grant contests are just more incentive for her to share about OH! Congratulations, Heather!!

Congrats Ladies!!

Way to go!!!

You all earned some great commission during this contest. Many thank you's go out to all our affiliates for participating in this grant giveaway!! Also, many thank you's go out to all of you who purchased on behalf of our affiliates. Every single purchase credited to our affiliates puts money into their account which will be applied toward their adoption or mission trip. I have been on their side of fundraising with my own adoption before, so trust me when I say, it is GREATLY appreciated!!

Be ready for our next grant giveaway scheduled to start Thursday, October 10 and run through Tuesday, October 15. Yep, 3 more grants will be given away to our TOP 3 AFFILIATES with the highest sales ($ amount) credited to their name during that time period. So if you are adopting or  raising money for a mission trip, be sure to get signed up as an OH affiliate. Just spread the word and you could win a grant!! This is a great time to start your early Christmas shopping!

Again, CONGRATS to our grant giveaway winners and all of you who raised funds during this grant giveaway. You are all winners!! 

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