Monday, February 10, 2014

Inspire ONE...Meet the needs of MANY

Our mission at Ordinary Hero is to INSPIRE and EMPOWER ordinary people to make an extraordinary difference in the life of a child in need. It is so awesome to continually see the lives of the children and the heroes who step up to help, CHANGE. We love to hear these stories and share them with you in hopes of inspiring others!

Back in December, an adoptive mom who was staying at the OH Life Center, along with her family, decided to go with our OH reps, Carlos and Amanda Vargas, to watch the kids at Hope for the Hopeless in their weekly soccer games. When this mom got there, her eyes were opened to all the things Hope for the Hopeless does for these kids. She also saw great need. She described in her blog that a lot of the kids didn't have blankets on their beds, their sheets were worn thin and some of their pillows had holes in them. A friend of hers, back in Wisconsin, read this blog post and thought immediately, these kids need blankets! So she went to Ordinary Hero's website and contacted us to see if we could help arrange to get blankets to these kids.

ONE woman in Ethiopia to complete her adoption and stayed at the OH Life Center is INSPIRED and presents a need. Another woman learns of that need and is INSPIRED to action, and in just a matter of a month or so, these kids had blankets! But the story doesn't end there. There happens to be a medical team, White Coat Brigade, staying at the Life Center, who hand delivered these blankets to the kids at Hope for the Hopeless while they were there to do medical exams! So many people played a part in such a simple act and 30 kids were blessed with brand new blankets. It all started with ONE who stepped up and said, "I'll help!"

Thank you so much Jenal from Wisconsin for stepping up for these kids!

We are so excited that the OH Life Center continues to not only be a nice place to stay, but a place that inspires and empowers guests to serve children in need in Ethiopia. Watch this video to see how this OH Life Center came to be!

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