Friday, March 6, 2015

New Partnership In Ethiopia: Talita Rise Up

As most of you know, our mission is to inspire and empower ordinary people to make an extraordinary difference in the life of a child in need. We do this through advocating for and partnering with different Christ-centered ministries both locally and abroad. 

We aim at partnering with ministries who strive to take care of their own communities passionately and sustainably, with a strong vision in their hearts. 

With that being said… We are VERY excited to announce our newest partnership in Ethiopia:
Talita Rise Up

Talita Rise Up was started by an Ethiopian mother and son who initially had a burning passion to support the destitute girls of Ethiopia. They began pursuing this passion by building a ministry that supported the young girls of Yirgalem, a town in Southern Ethiopia located about six hours from Addis. This was, and still is, the first ministry of any kind in the area. But after spending time in the small, rural town they realized that many of the town’s people were abandoning their babies. These babies were being left in toilets, trash cans, and even forests where they would be found by wild animals. Knowing something had to be done, Atkilt and Abenezer devoted themselves full-time to the opening of an orphanage. Once opened, the police began bringing abandoned babies one by one, each with a heartbreaking story. As they were handed over nameless and unwanted, they were given powerful names with meanings by the orphanage staff such as Bloom, Increase In God, Miracle, as well as names from the Bible. They then began the long and tedious process of being able to officially place the babies up for adoption to find their forever families. With limited funding they were able to successfully place one newborn baby who is now living with their forever family in the US. Shortly after, however, Ethiopia decided to close all adoptions in Southern Ethiopia, which had a huge negative impact on their ministry. With no adoptions taking place and all adoption agencies moving out of the area, this ministry was left with no money and a home full of children, majority of the children being babies under one year old. Since then they have leaned in on God and done their best by asking friends and relatives for funding to continue caring for the amazing children that call the Talita Rise Up Care Center their home. We, as a staff, have come to know and love Atkilt and Abenezer. Ordinary Hero is thrilled to come alongside these leaders to support their vision and connect them to you.

Babies at the Center
Talita Rise Up Care Center
Founder, Abenezer, and a boy from the community

What will the partnership entail?

There are currently two teenage girls, one boy, one toddler, and eleven babies living at their Center. Their immediate needs are sponsors for the children living at the center, as well as sponsors for the staff members so that the Care Center can properly support the children. Once funding is sustained at the Care Center, we will begin to advocate for the families in the community, most of which are living in extreme poverty. 

In addition to advocation we will be taking our teams out of Addis for 1-2 days of serving in Yirgalem beginning in April, and will begin to watch the miracles unfold! Get excited team members!

How Can You Help?

Sponsor A Child: 
We will start by advocating for Degitu. Degitu is 17 years old, in Grade 10 and is preparing for the national exam. When Degitu was earlier in her teen years, she was taken captive and sexually assaulted. Once she heard about the center, she escaped and traveled a long way from her birthplace to find refuge at the center. She has been living there since 2012. $50/month will help cover her basic needs while living at the shelter. To sponsor Degitu, email

Sponsor A Nanny: 
Our nannies are who keep the babies growing and loved! Even through financial hardships they have proven that they are committed to the children of Talita Rise Up. Help us support their monthly salary with a sponsorship of $50/month. To sponsor a nanny, email

Additional Needs: 
If you would like to meet some of the additional Care Center needs, you may make a one-time donation by clicking here, which goes towards any of the supplies below. Simply include Talita Rise Up and your chosen item in the Message section. If the need has already been met by the time you give, we will put your donation towards another need listed below:

- Enjera Maker… $125
- Stove... $50
- Crib Mattress… $50
- Teenage Mattresses (2)… $60
- Nanny Mattresses (2)… $60
- Baby Formula (20)… $10/can

Continue to watch our Facebook and Instagram over the next week for more information about this ministry and continued sponsorship opportunities. Don't forget to advocate by sharing. Thank you for your support and love! 

Any additional questions can be directed toward our sponsorship coordinator,

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