Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Few Pics of our Day

A couple of the cuties that we are working with.
The little one above was drinking her water after finishing her bowl of rice.....no cup...no utencils.

These are just a few of the beautiful faces that greeted us. They just kept coming out. More and more orphans....it was unbelievably sad to think that these kids don't have anyone to call Mom and Dad. They were so love starved.

They warmed up quite a bit and decided they loved having their picture taken.

They were so adorable.

Here is our group on a stop we made in a village.

A few of the cuties above became my special friends.

This is part of our group just before we took off on the plane.



  1. Love starved. Two words that should not have to go together. Thank you for the priceless photos of such beautiful faces. Praying for your travel mercies. Praying your works will continue to inspire us to act!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  2. praying for your trip and wish I could smell that Africa air with you! Blessings!!

  3. I love that the girl who has 'attached' herself to you in more than one photo (in the yellow shirt).... it says HERO on her shirt. :)

    Glad to see you arrived safely and are in your element. Continuing to pray for your works there and travel mercies wherever He may lead you.

  4. Oh, wow the kid are just precious! I am praying for you all! Wow such precious kids who have so little yet are so joyful in God! I am so glad that it worked and you could post pictures. Well praying for you all and for the precious children.

    Love Heidi

  5. << Isaiah 45:3 >>

    Kelly, You need to be on this trip for so many reasons but I especially appreciate seeing through your eyes--you SO well -capture the places that are close to God's heart. This morning as I read your expressive text, my stomach aches and my heart breaks to wrap arms around those beautiful children. To pray over them and to whisper God's Truth over them. To hear their pure praise. I wanna be there!! :) What an honor even to pray for this. Truly you are touching Christ as you love on these children. AND you are bringing the love of so many here for them as well!! The Lord is speaking to my heart expectantly for you this morning, "I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name." (Isaiah 45:3)Blessings, sweet sister. Love and Grace to you and provision in our Saviour for WHATEVER you and the children may need today. Blessings, Gillian

  6. Beautiful Beautiful children. Kelly I am praying for you and the team every day. Please write about any specific requests.
    God is doing a miracle through yall to these precious children. You all are being Jesus to them. just precious.
    love and miss you!
    Kelly j

  7. Praying and thinking of you on your travels, as we lift up the children and continue to pray for them...

  8. Glad you arrived there safe. Praying for you and the children.