Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finally a post from Sierra Leone!!

We have really been having trouble getting online. I have tried to load a picture on here for over an hour with no success. You can imagine how bad it hurts my soul to post without adding pics of our amazing trip.

The trip over was very smooth. It took a lot to get 10 girls and 30 something bags over here but we did it. We visited the children yesterday and I can't even explain how absolutely precious they all are. They just LOVED having us there. They are so full of love and they are so in need of love. They hang all over you always waiting for a smile or a hug. They had fun braiding my hair and I would look down as they were holding my hands and they would be rubbing their fingers up and down my arms, examining my white skin.

We have seen some very sad things as well with the children that I will have to go into at another time but trust me.....it hurts me so bad to not be able to post any pictures of these precious children.

We went today and checked out the new building which is going to be awesome!! There is so much room for all the children. We are so excited to get it all set up.

Once again, my eyes are opened as I realize how blessed we are in America. Everything is just so hard here. And I mean EVERYTHING (internet). We were with the children yesterday when they got thirsty for water. Two boys that looked about 9 and 10 loaded up two big water buckets and took off out the door through the field until they were out of sight. They came back about 10 minutes later with water for all 86 children to share....just after they had eaten their bowl of plain white rice....and that's it. They were lined up all the way up the hall and out the door waiting for their meal for the day. They had their bowl of rice, then poured the water in the same bowl and drank their water out of it. There is so much here that I can't even explain in a blog post. But let me tell you how sweet it is to see such poor conditions that these kids live in and then to hear them all break out into sweet song about Jesus all in unison. Their hearts and their spirits are just so in tune to God here because it is the only hope they have.

The group of women I am with are all amazing women. I do believe God has each one of us here for all different reasons. We all share the same heart for the orphan and the same passion to try to make a difference. Tina, on our trip adopted a daughter from here 5 years ago and brought her back to visit her family on this trip. She is 14 now and hasn't been here since she was 9. I documented the whole reunion yesterday which was so completely heart wrenching and sweet.

We have lots going on and we are only getting started. We have lots of work ahead of us and lots of little children to help by doing it. I can't wait!! I also can't wait to get some pics up to you all. I guess you will have to be patient. I will keep trying and get them up as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued prayers for everyone one of us here and all that we are doing.

More updates to come.

Love and miss everyone!! Signing off from Sierra Leone.


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  1. Praying for you Kelly! LOVE reading your blogs and keeping up with your trip!