Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Preparation for Halloween Outreach in the works

We are getting ready for our Halloween Outreach for the kids living in the local homeless shelter. You can read the post below if you would like to contribute to this event. I went down there the other night to find out what the kids wanted to dress up as for Halloween. I can't tell you how precious these kids are. You should have seen their little faces light up just thinking about what they wanted to dress up as for Halloween. I always write down their top three picks just in case I can't find something. There were 26 kids total the other night and there will be more that come in before the event on Saturday. I thought I would share just a couple of the cuties with you.
I also must share some pics from my group of girls at the Tennessee Baptist Children's Home. I LOVE these girls. A few of us have been leading a bible study there every other week with the teen girls for over three years now.
For bible study the other night I gave them all pictures of the kids living in the shelter that will be at our outreach and had them decorate treat bags for them. These girls put their hearts and talent into it. It was a great opportunity to open their eyes to those less fortunate and give them a little face to pray for when they leave. These girls have many life moments of their own and I can honestly say that I know their own experiences fueled the passion that went into decorating these bags. I told them to keep the pictures of the kids and pray for them to find a home. One girl told me she was going to hang them up in her locker and pray for them everyday.

Life is all about giving back no matter what situation you are in yourself. God uses it for His good.

I then had them stick a little note in the bags for the kids. They wrote them completely on their own and you should see some of the sweet things they had to say to these kids whom they have never met but yet found a connection through a picture and maybe their own life experiences.
I LOVE my TBCH girls!!!

Also....just a heads up..... I will be posting soon about sponsorship opportunities for all of these specific children in Sierra Leone that reside in the center that I was blessed to be able to start up.
They are precious!!
Exciting stuff!!!


  1. Very exciting! Looking forward to the sponsorship opportunity!!! Is there a goal amount needed for the costumes? I'll try to get others on board.

  2. If others want to contribute $20 towards a costume for the kids that would be great. Thanks so much for your support :)