Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sponsorship Needed...and an update on Sam

If you are looking for a way to give this holiday season as well as CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE, with a personal connection then I encourage you to sponsor one of these precious children from Sierra Leone. If you have followed this blog at all over the past couple of months then you know the enormous steps that were taken to ensure that the new care center, The Covering, was allowed to take in precious children needing a home. We went there to move over 86 children whom we are still believing for. But in the meantime, while the Lord is uncovering many unjustices that occur in Sierra Leone, the doors opened for these precious children to enter the gates of the new center. They each have one heart breaking story after another. They each have a call on their lives and they each have a future and a hope. But they can't do it alone. It amazes me how God directs the paths to our lives. These children have been handpicked by God on such a day as this. These children are in this center for a reason. I heard first hand while in Sierra Leone, the dreams of some of the children that live there. I saw their eyes fill with excitement and wonder as their little minds took them to another place, a place in their future, where they dream of being lawyers, doctors, pilots, and more. But the simple fact is this.....they will never accomplish those dreams without help from me and you. The trip to Sierra Leone changed my life and opened my eyes to injustice like I have never seen. I will do all I can, everything in my power, to see to it that I help bring a future and a hope to the children that have crossed my path, the children that I can speak up for. For now.....these are the children.

Please look through the pictures below of the precious children that reside in the new care center that I went to help get off of the ground in Sierra Leone when Ordinary Hero partnered up with The Raining Season. These children need Food, Medical, Education, and Clothing Sponsorships. You may pick one or more category of sponsorship for a specific child. It really only amounts to anywhere from $20-$40 a month. It is your choice. That small amount goes so far in a country like Sierra Leone.

I first have the children listed in their sibling groups to allow you to see the specific children that are siblings. Below that you will see them listed individually. If you are interested in a specific child or a sibling group then I encourage you to contact me at or visit the TRS site for more info. To make it easy, if you are able copy and paste their picture off of this site and attach it to your email,then that will ensure that I know the specific child you are interested in. At that time I will get back with you with all of the child's info.

You literally will CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE by sponsoring one of these children. Not to mention the personal connection you can make with these kids by being able to skype with them and let them get to know the person sponsoring them. on with the kiddos :)

Below you will see Sam who became our hero on our trip. The lengths that this boy went to, to ensure that he found freedom for he and his siblings, was just so noble that words can't explain. You can read his story from a past post by clicking here. This picture below is Sam with his siblings....the only three that have been moved into our center from the original center we went there to help.
You will see some pictures below of evidence of what your sponsorship can give these kids. You see Betty, Sam's sister, with her bed and special blanket. These children were sleeping on the hard floor with not even a blanket. We had many bunk beds built to accomodate the children.
I love the picture below that shows Sam as such a leader in the home. This boy has such a calling on his life. You see how all the kids look up to him and gather around him.
This is the best picture, below. Sam already looks so much better and healthier from when we first found him. His biggest dream of all was to go to school. He had not been in 4 years. He says he wants to be a lawyer. His sponsors have made that dream possible for him. He looks so handsome and proud in his school uniform on his way out the door to head to school.

Below you will find Sam's brother, Fala.

Sam's sister, Betty.
These three siblings have found sponsorship and a family that loves them dearly. Their birthmother continues to get treatment for AIDS and thank God that her condition has not been passed down to the children. They all love each other very much and God is in control and knows what their future holds. He also knows what the future of all these children are. Please prayerfully consider whether you are meant to be a part of making their future and their hope a bright reality. There are many exciting missions trips planned for any of you who would like to meet your sponsored child first hand as well. More info on that to come. Exciting Stuff!!!

Thank you for being an Ordinary Hero to a child who needs you.


  1. Hi Kelly-I have been following your blog since you left for SL...praying while you were all there and since... have checking back for updates. Thank you so much for an update on Sam! It is so clear that the hand of God is upon him and clearly has a plan for his life. What a treasure he is, especially to all the other children. Wow. Thank you for being the salt and the light....