Wednesday, March 24, 2010

African American or Interracial family needed for adoption of newborn

Some of you may remember one of my previous posts about adoption of full African American babies and the great need for adoptive families.


I was contacted by Adoption Associates in Michigan with an urgent request. There is an African American birthmom who is scheduled to have a C section TOMORROW. She requests a full African American family or Interracial couple for her baby and there is still not one file to show her as far as an adoptive family that would like to adopt her baby. I can't imagine that, first of all, she chose life for her baby, and now wants a better life than what she can provide, and there is not one file to show her. So I am putting the word out. Yes, there is a cost involved and if you have ever decided to adopt internationally or domestically then you know of the costs of adoptions. I will tell you up front that the cost of this adoption will be somewhere between 16-20K. But for those of you in the adoption world, you know that it is part of it. We are in the works here at OH to start an adoption grant fund to help those of you called to adopt and this would be a perfect situation.....but we have to get money in the account first :) We are working on that and have our first fund raiser on April 29th which is already sold out...whoo hoo!! If you would like to donate toward our Adoption Grant Program and help us get it built up then click on the donate button at the top right of this blog. Put "adoption grant" in the memo and we will put it where it needs to go to get us one more step closer to helping those who help these little ones.

So until then, I would encourage any of you interested in this sweet baby who needs a home TOMORROW, or knows someone who might be, to spread the word or contact
Jane Bareman, Executive Director of Adoption Associates at or call her at 616.667.0677 for more info.

The sex of the baby is unknown.

Thank you to all of you amazing people in the adoption world!


  1. I have racked my brain & spread the word to some adoption folks I know but will be praying about this. It breaks my heart that this mom has made such a brave decision & there is not a family for this baby. Please post if you find out any info!

  2. I was hoping they would accept an interracial family, but I called and mom would only accept an interracial "couple".... We are a Caucasian couple with a full African-American son.
    It was worth the

    Dunmor, KY

  3. I am praying for this baby and this birth mother!!! I am also spreading the word. May Lord bless this baby's forever family with His calling, wisdom and guidance.

  4. Will you post an update if you get one?

    We have a current homestudy and, I guess, you could consider us an interracial family, although I'm not completely sure if our family would be considered that. Another hindrance that some have is that our family is considered "large" (5 biological and 3 adopted). BUT...we do have a current homestudy, and we are a family who has 2 African American/Caucasian sons (half-brothers) and an Asian daughter (from Kazakhstan). We had not planned on adopting at this time, but we have a heart for adoption and are always open to God's leading and to children (and in this case, also the mother) who have no other options.

    Anyway, I did write the contact person about this situation, but am unsure as to how they'd feel about a family as large as ours. I would LOVE to know an update if you ever get one, though!

    Lisa Metzger
    Helpmeet to Mark, Keeper of Our Home, 2nd Generation Homeschool Mommy to 8 Blessings (5 biological, 3 adopted) plus 7 angels in heaven!

  5. I am weeping as I read this blog.I am an African American female minister, and I am sadden that we have no help for the children. God is calling us all to pray that his will be done in the life of this child. There is greatness coming for this child, and as christians we have a responsibily to pray for their destiny. I love you my white brothers and sisters who are willing to step up and help. Continue to pray for my community that spiritual change will come concerning our children

    Pastor Karen Woods

  6. I would love to sign up for the udates on speak up! Thank you so much

    I love your blog! Thank you for advocating for the orphans!

    Love HEidi

  7. Is there any news on this? Was a suitable family found?

  8. I so wish my husband and I had the money needed to adopt. We are a interracial couple who have been married for 17 years. We have no children of our own. Our dream is to adopt/have a child to love. We will be praying for this baby and all the others in need of parents. So sad that a couple like us can't give a child a family, just because of the cost of adoption : (

  9. Wish we lived in Michigan! :( Praying the perfect family will be found!
    A new follower,
    ...because Life IS a Poem!

  10. We will take the baby. but we can't afford the adoption fees. Guess we'll adopt from Foster Care (free adoption)...good luck!!!