Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New T shirts Are In!!

Our new tshirts are in!! I LOVE THEM!! They are just what I soft. They are made by Alternative Apparel and are their vintage soft brand. They are white and say CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE in gray. Our red OH logo is on the back as a tag print like our first shirt. These shirts really get the message across. They are the vintage soft sheer so you see me wearing the one pictured above with a white tank underneath. This shirt comes in different sizes and has a great fit. Not too tight. You see me pictured above and below wearing a medium which doesn't hug me too tight at all. I could have gotten away with a small too, I believe.

Click the "white shirt" link to the right on my side bar to order your CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE white shirt today. Also don't forget our original gray shirts as well, which include men's sizes. If you have any questions regarding the shirts, email Charlene at

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