Friday, June 11, 2010

Want to go to Africa?? How bout Ghana??

I had a special request from someone going on the Visiting Orphans, Ghana, trip to put the word out about this amazing trip. I confirmed with my friend, Amanda Lawrence, executive director of Visiting Orphans, that they are still in need of people to go on this trip in order to make the trip happen. The trip is at risk of being cancelled if people don't get signed up.

The trip is right up my ally. If I wasn't heading to ET in July, I may just jump on board. Here is a brief description.....

"In the mud huts of the Dagomba tribe, death is an unwelcome visitor way too often. There is little or no accessible healthcare and the nearest major health facility is four hours away by bus. Children whose mothers die in childbirth are many times seen as "evil" and are rejected by the father. Multiple births are seen as a bad omen and those children are usually shunned by their mothers and their villages. These are called "spirit children". Most of the orphanages in the Northern Region care for these "spirit children", but there are also orpha
ns living in remote mud hut villages. We will visit three of these villages as well.

This tribe is considered an "Unreached People" group, which means that 93% or more have never heard the Gospel. They are Muslim. We will be doing hut-to-hut evangelism, sports evangelism, and orpha

n care. We will also be helping to paint the local school and deliver school supplies to the children of the Dagomba trib


This trip is ideal for individuals, families of older children, and for those interested in taking a small group of people from your

local church."

This is an amazing opportunity to help a region of people and

orphans that often times get forgotten about. There is not a "buzz" about Ghana right now like there is Ethiopia or Uganda. So all I can say is.....let's create one. Let's brin

g awareness to this country. There is no telling the impact that can be made from this trip. Ask yourself if you are supposed to go. There are many children waiting. Let's not let this trip get cancelled.



  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you for posting this!!! Jaime

  2. So excited to see you posting this!!! We are in the middle of adopting two sweet Ghanaian children so obviously our hearts are in Ghana! Africa has captured our families' hearts, but I wanted to share something pretty exciting! Our 10 year old daughter has a heart for orphans EVEN MORE SO and has designed her own tshirt and is selling them, raising $ to feed the children and buy necessary supplies when we travel to pick up our kiddos. She has raised over $1000 in a month. Spread the word for anyone interested please. Thanks!

    Kristie O'Leary

    her blog -

  3. Our church's youth group just got back from a trip to Ghana. Ministry to orphans was such a huge need there. Read more about it at