Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Glimpse of some of the kids needing sponsoring....

Please see my post is in reference to these kids. I just received an email from Sumer with these two pics. These are some of the kids that her heart is troubled over as she watches time draw near for school sponsorship. While on our trip, when I spent time with Sumer I noticed it was the older children that flocked her. These kids are the ones that she connects with, I think because they "get" what she is doing to try to help. It is like a dream come true to them.
This is from Sumer's own words today
"Hey Kelly! We still have about 20 older boys who live in the trash dump that need a sponsor, so I would love for you to put out another plea!! I have attached a picture of some of them in this group, as well as a picture of their house, you can see from the picture of me inside that it is just a place to lay down. You have to crawl in on your stomach. It is just made of cardboard boxes and trash, and 15 of them sleep there!!"

Not all of us are going to be crawling inside the cardboard, trash built home with these boys.....but we can all do something to help the ones who do.
Please contact to sponsor one of these boys today :) Thanks and God Bless!!
Also note...... I will be traveling back to Ethiopia at least by January and can take with me any notes, or special items you would like to give to these kids that get sponsored.


  1. Is the $700 a one time payment or can you break it into monthly installments?

  2. You can break it up. Right now I think half would be due to get them started and then the other half sometime later in the fall. Erin would be able to tell you specifically. That is how we are paying for our sponsored children.

  3. Hey Kelly - I would love to post this on the help4korah blog - is that OK? Can you send me the photos to post there and then I can post it on the help4korah fb page too. Thanks!

    Please let me know what the status of the well plans are - thanks for all you are doing!

    God bless!

  4. Minus Two - Kelly:) We are so blessed to be part of this incredible opportunity! Thank you for being such an amazing advocate

  5. Minus one more! Thanks for posting about it! My hubby is out of the country for work, so it took me a few hours to get the okay but we are ON BOARD! I asked him, "Can we be radical ONE MORE TIME?" And he said Yes we can! We can all do it for Christ one more time! There's so much we can do without around here. We are blessed to be a blessing and so thrilled with all the work you are doing! Thanks!!!

  6. Yay!! I am so thrilled that you guys are jumping on this opportunity! Thank you soooo much!! I'm so excited for these kids :)

  7. One more child sponsored. Thank for bringing this situation to our attention.

  8. Minus another two! We're very happy to be a part of this! Thanks for spreading the word!

  9. WooHoo!!! I am so thrilled for these kids!! Yall are awesome for stepping up!