Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Waiting Children

I wanted to bring awareness to the waiting children that we saw while on our trip in Ethiopia. I have had some email issues and have only been able to get one Speak Up email out so far. I plan on getting more out soon with more children to consider. I must say that there has not been very many people inquiring about the kids in my first Speak Up email so far, which is why I wanted to throw the need out this way as well to try to give these kids another opportunity to find their forever family.

I chose the above two children to advocate for first because they are two that have been waiting for a REALLY long as in years. They are both from the same remote orphanage outside the city of Addis. Other than seeing the conditions of the trash dump in Ethiopia, this place where these kids are from was one of the poorest we saw while there. There is a difference in city poor and country poor and these kids fit into the country poor category. It was unbelievable.

These two stole my heart right from the beginning, especially when I discovered how long they had been waiting and how incredibly sweet they were. The little girl is said to be about 9 but probably older. She had a very sweet, timid spirit. She LOVED working on crafts with another girl from our team. She gave me that shy smile while chuckling under her breath while I was taking her picture. I just loved her and think she would be blessing to a family. She has been waiting for a family since 2008.

The little boy, pictured above, was ADORABLE! When he came up to take his pic, Sue told me that she didn't know if he was photogenic or not.....Well, let's just say, HE IS :) He sat down and threw on that smile like he was a little model. He had the cutest personality and Oh, so cute! I promise you there was not one bad picture of him. I just can't believe he has not been chosen for adoption and has been waiting for soooo many years. He loved playing soccer with the boys on our team and did so great with everyone. He deserves a home and I pray we find one for him. He is said to be around 11 years old and has been waiting for a family since 2008.

There were sooo many waiting children we saw. This means that they are paper ready and just need a family. Please email me if you would like the link to view all of the children we saw while on our trip. Email me at .

There was also a large group of children that came into one of the orphanages the day we left and I was not able to photograph them but I included them on this link as well. I'm telling you these kids are ADORABLE!! There are several in the 3-4 age group and several sibling groups with younger children as well as many older children. Just email me if you would like me to send you the link and LET'S GET THESE CHILDREN ADOPTED :-)

If you are interested in finding out more info about the little girl and little boy pictured above then email . Please pray they find their forever home quickly.

Not to mention there is a sibling set of 5 that is going to take a special family, I know, to adopt that many, but my gosh....they are precious! And they would be precious to look at on this blog if I were in a picture with them up at the top. I'm not saying.....I'm just saying :-)


  1. Thanks for all you do for the orphans!

  2. oh, i want the 5..that would just put me at ya think the hubby would go for it?? :) kj

  3. Thank you so much for advocating for these kids!!! Praying for families that can step forward!!

  4. your blog is so inspiring! thank you for being their voice & challenging us to action