Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little Ordinary Heroes with GREAT BIG HEARTS!!

 Let me introduce you to Piper and Sarah from Ky. They are our Hero Spotlights for this week. You see, they recently had birthdays and decided to celebrate them together. Piper and Sarah chose NOT to get presents for their birthdays, but instead asked all of their friends to JOIN THEM in being ORDINARY HEROES and they collected money for the orphans in Ethiopia!! They collected $315 to be exact!! Wow!! What an awesome idea, girls!!
 It just goes to show you how we should all have the heart of a child. These kids should be in their normal Birthday mode and excited and expecting to receive their gifts from their party like any child would. BUT instead they are excited to get all their friends together and see what a big difference they can make in the lives of orphans in Ethiopia. Wow!! To think that kids "get it" at such a young age is incredible!
 They created their giving box, above, and below, they even had their Birthday cake share the spirit as they incorporated their love for cheerleading and Ordinary Hero all in one. So cute!!
 They gave each child an OH bracelet as a party favor. Girls, I can't wait to show you who your Birthday Party is going to bless on our next trip!
So how did these girls hear about Ordinary Hero and who inspired them? Let me introduce you to Ali. She was on our OH team mission trip in July. She got to experience the power of serving the "least of these." 
 She came back impacted and ready to make a difference.
 She has since been speaking in Sunday School classes to help spread the word of the the needs of the orphans.

So you see, she not only has impacted the lives of those in need all the way across the world, but she is impacting those around her since her return. 
Giving, Loving, Sharing what you have seen, it goes a long way....
Thank you girls, for having such incredibly giving hearts!! You truly are ORDINARY HEROES! Ali will be returning to Ethiopia on a July 2012 trip and will personally get to show the girls how their Birthday will bless those in need. 

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