Sunday, August 7, 2011

Prayer Request and some Awesome Videos!

 Some amazing things are resulting from our recent ET trips. One important one that I would like you to all keep in your prayers is little Baby E. We met this little bitty baby at one of the orphanages we visited and found him to need immediate medical care. Leanne, from Team 1, completely had every heart string in her body pulled for this little one.

 We came back to the States and she has personally taken responsibility to call and arrange a life saving surgery. Because of her support and Ashli on the ground arranging and setting it all up, little Baby E went into surgery yesterday and received a shunt put in his head and is being treated for hydrocephalus. Ashli waited at the hospital during surgery and made sure he was stable and doing well and has even arranged for some folks to stay with him in the hospital to love on him. Last report was that he was ready to eat and doing well after the surgery. Please continue to pray for Baby E. We pray that God restores him completely. Thank God for mending these hearts and for the love that continues to pour out from our team members and the lives that are being saved in the process. If you would like to donate toward Baby E's medical expenses from the surgery please CLICK HERE. Put "Baby E" in the memo line. Leanne's family has stepped up in faith to raise funds for him for the surgery and to stand beside him in support through his recovery. 100% of your money donated will help support his medical needs and you will receive a tax write off :)

On another note..... we have had some of our team members create some awesome videos from our recent trip to Ethiopia. Check out their videos below and catch a glimpse of some of the amazing moments created through our OH mission teams.

Deborah, from Team 1, who will be helping me head up our OH sponsorship program (coming soon), has created this video which gives you a glimpse of some of the precious children we will offer for sponsorship soon. If you are interested in our upcoming sponsorship program, email CLICK HERE to watch this awesome video.

Holli, team 1, created an awesome video as well.......CLICK HERE to watch. She captured some great moments of her time serving those in ET.

Amy, team 1, captured some beautiful moments and some beautiful shots from her time spent with her sponsored child and more......CLICK HERE to watch.

Another great video by Kortnie, below. She fell in love with her little sponsored child while in ET and shares many moments captured with him and more......CLICK HERE to watch. 

Info on how YOU can join us on our next upcoming trips overseas coming soon. We are sealing our dates now. Be sure to email us and let us know you are interested at 

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