Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Grant Winners This Month...Woo Hoo!!

OH LOVES giving away GRANT MONEY!! We LOVE it so much because it is going to such great causes. When you sign up as an OH affiliate you can raise money for your adoption or your mission trips. Through a simple purchase that is made with an affiliate's name attached to it, that affiliate receives 40% of the purchase price. It is THAT simple and some folks are raising some great money in support of their adoptions or mission trips.

NOW on top of the 40% we are offering a $500 grant to the TOP 3 winners of this recent grant contest which ended last night!!

Soooo, without further hesitation....the TOP 3 SELLERS AND EACH WINNERS OF A $500 GRANT ARE.....

MAKENZIE BRATCHER from Portland, Oregon, who is fundraising for an adoption, was our TOP SELLER! Woo Hoo!!

JESSICA HEESCH, from Portage, Wisconsin, was our SECOND TOP SELLER!! Woo Hoo!! She is fundraising for an adoption.

BRENT ARMSTRONG, from Hardin, Ky, was our THIRD TOP SELLER!! Awesome!! He is leaving today on an OH Mission trip to Ethiopia which I will be posting about later today. I'm super excited about this first OH mission trip WITHOUT ME, heading there right now!! Brent sold 6 donkeys plus other items that he will get to pass out this week in ET because of this contest. Yay!

We also have TWO HONORABLE MENTION GRANTS that we want to give out!! These two accounts sold over $1000 during this grant contest.

SARAH AND LIBBY WILLIAMS sold over $1000 in their acct to raise money for an upcoming OH trip. They just returned from an OH trip to Ethiopia in July and are already fundraising to go back!!

MEREDITH LAGORGA also sold over $1000 in this grant contest in order to fundraise for her adoption.

We are giving you both a $100 grant because of your awesome efforts in fundraising this month.

Way to go to all of our TOP SELLERS!!!

Remember to be on the lookout for our next, upcoming GRANT CONTEST. If you are adopting or raising money for a mission trip, be sure to check out our OH FUNDRAISING page to see how you can sign up as an OH affiliate. All three of our top sellers this month raised WELL over a $1000 that will be given toward their adoptions or mission trips through this contest because they won the grants. All in just 10 days!!

And again....we can't mention FUNdraising, without thanking the Queen of FUNdraising, herself, Gina!!!

She is our official OH FUNdraising Coach that gives out such great ideas and encouragement throughout these grant contests and keeps everyone pressing ahead. So THANKS, QUEEN GINA!!
WHAT MOTIVATES GINA, you ask?'s this little guy and her own story :)

You see it was just last year that she randomly went on an OH mission trip to Ethiopia where she "bumped" into, and met her future son, whom she brought home just a few months later.

EVERYONE that is associated with OH has a personal story of how they helped CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE, and now want to help others do the same. That is why I LOVE what God has turned our organization into :)

As always.....Thanks for being an Ordinary Hero, and thanks to ALL the affiliates who participated and also those who bought items through our store during this OH grant to help boost their accounts!!


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