Friday, November 18, 2011

Blessing Bags!!

Well, our Blessing Bags idea is taking off! So many of you have sent them our way after we got the word out about them. Thanks to some of the organized girls on my last visit to Ethiopia, they came up with the idea of these pre-packaged zip lock bags filled with basic items sorted in sizes for the children we run across that are in need. We used to show up with mountains of clothes and donations that we would have to sort through and then never end up having the right size at hand that we needed. Now I LOVE this new idea of having them already sorted by size and labeled by boy or girl!! If you missed my post which shows our visit to the country in Ethiopia to pass out these blessing bags, CLICK HERE to see why they are so greatly needed.

We find these kids in the country wandering in rags or sometimes nothing at all.

 Do you have any idea how excited they get, and what a blessing it is to them and their mother struggling to provide? We show up clear out of the middle of no where and start handing them new outfits, snacks, shoes, and a toy, all in a bag just for them.

They come running from every direction. It is like Christmas for them. It is God showing them that they are not forgotten. It is God showing them they are loved.

These simple bags are GREATLY needed. 
We have five teams traveling to Ethiopia in the summer and are probably about to add a 6th team in April. We will be passing out these Blessing Bags to the kids in need there.

Some of you have helped us get the word out about our Blessing Bags and we want to say THANKS!! You all have had some GREAT ideas that I want to share.

The Give1Save1 blog in Houston, Texas, put the word out about the Blessing Bags and got a great response. Here is a blurb about how they did this.... "I had alot of fun doing this. In fact I’m having a little party with my girlfriends this weekend to make more. Here’s the mission. Blessing Bags. We’re going to mail them to Ordinary Hero and they’re going to take them out to the country. It’s really that simple." 

Thanks, Give1Save1 for helping spread the word to get these kids a bunch of Blessing Bags!

I also got an email from Danae in Kansas, who had a great idea to host a Blessing Bag party in honor of her 30th Birthday. What a great idea!! Check out the results of her party HERE. WOW! That little party produced 130 Blessing Bags!!

Thanks, Danae and to all your friends,  for blessing the kiddos with these bags in honor of your Bday!! Happy Birthday!!

Next, I have to share Elizabeth's great idea from Knoxville, TN . "I have a small group for my PEP MOMS ministry at my church, meeting at my house next week for a mom's night to make some "Blessing Bags" for OH.  :)" She just emailed me the pics from her girl's night. Wow! What a group of fun, crafty women coming together for a FUN night, and a GREAT cause!!

Thank you, Elizabeth, and your small group! You guys showed us the JOY and FUN that can be found in giving.

I have a couple more folks that have contacted me saying they have Blessing Bag parties scheduled in the next month. I also heard that a Brownie Troop just stuffed some Blessing Bags.  I will be posting pics when I get them :-)

If you would like to host a party or simply send in some Blessing Bags, this is what we need:

We need items from baby all the way up to small adult for the teens and moms. So pretty much any size is welcome. We need the items packaged in Gallon Size Zip Lock Bags according to Size and Gender (Boy/Girl). Please label the outside of the bags with either Boy or Girl and the Age/Size. Slightly used clothing is acceptable as well. 

We spend most of our time in Ethiopia during the raining season which is cold. Suggested items to be placed in the Blessing Bags are:

Pair of pants, and long sleeve shirt that fit as an outfit of the same size. 
Pair of underwear and socks to fit that same size child. 
Small toy, or something fun for the child. (stickers, small doll, toy car, etc) Give age appropriate small items that are not heavy. 
Small Toiletries
We will pass out snacks ourselves at the time we give them the bags so that we don't run the risk of them going bad between now and when we deliver. 

You may also include a note of encouragement to let them know that this hand-delivered gift is showing them they are loved all the way from America.  This is something fun you can have your kiddos do as well. 

Also, if you want to include your own signature on the outside of the bag or the name of your party, etc you may do so in order to let them and us know who it is from. This is what they will see first when handed the bag.  The inserted notes will also serve this purpose as well.

Please mail your pre-packaged and labeled Blessing Bags to: 

Ordinary Hero
c/o Amy Bealle 

105 Keeton Drive.
Hopkinsville, Ky 42240

These bags will be taken with our OH teams to Ethiopia and passed out to many children in need. We will always try to take pictures to show you where your donations are going and who you have blessed. Speaking of Mission teams, there is still room on our trips if you want to jump on board and help pass these bags out with us :-) Check out our Mission trips page for more info.

Trust me when I say that these items are greatly needed and appreciated :-) Thank you for being an Ordinary Hero!!

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  1. Hi Kelly - Can we still send you some Blessing Bags? My daughter chose to make the Blessing Bags instead of receiving gifts for her birthday and we are ready to box them up and send them your way. Thanks for the inspiration! I love to see the Lord working in the hearts of children!

    I put a link to this post on my blog :-)