Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Next Adventures in Haiti!

 Our next couple of days in Haiti have been awesome! 
We have an amazing guide who LOVES sharing God's love with the people in his neighborhood. He has started his own ministry and wanted us to join him on an adventure to travel through the neighborhood and see who we could find to share with. So off we went through the streets of Haiti....
 We came across the SWEETEST lady walking down the street! Her name was Eliana and she was very old and frail. We all immediately loved her!

We asked her if we could see her home and she agreed. She slowly led the way. 

 Wow! What stories these hands could tell! She survived the earthquake, doesn't have much family, but has such a sweet spirit. She said we shouldn't bother coming to her home because she didn't have anything to offer us. We told her we just wanted to pray for her.
 We arrived at her home and Zeek, our guide, began sharing the gospel with her. She didn't know God at all.  He asked her if she wanted Jesus to live in her heart and she said YES. So we all prayed with her and here we are with our new young sister in Christ! So precious!!

We then walked further through the streets and found these sweet children at a home completely by themselves. Half of them weren't even dressed. 

This is the concrete block home that this sweet little boy came running out of to greet us and get some treats. The oldest little girl was such a little mother to all the younger ones and she couldn't have been older than 9 years old herself.

Did I mention it is HOT here??!!! Whew!!

 We stopped back by the children's home again to take them some blessing bags. This little buddy was waiting at the gate for Alice and didn't want anyone else. 
 Deborah was getting this little guy's story. He is a doll and is one of the few in the home that doesn't have a family committed to him yet.
 The kids loved the blessing bags! On this trip we brought bags from Brookfield Community group in Brentwood, TN and also some from Dixie State University in Southern Utah. THANK YOU!! These bags were sooo loved!

We then traveled out to another tent city. We gathered the kids and passed out more blessing bags. 

 These kids were precious! 

Zeek leads his own bible study with a group of young boys in this community. I caught him over to the side praying for them all. He is such a great role model for these boys. 

We said our goodbyes to the group at Chadasha. We gained some awesome new friends on this trip. We will be returning to pay them a visit in the future and serve with this amazing group. 

We left Zeek sporting one of our OH shirts. These are definitely some awesome Ordinary Heroes! You will hear more on Greg and Michelle's journey to Haiti in an upcoming video soon! 

So good bye Port Au Prince and off we go out to Gressier. 
We are heading out to Respire Haiti to meet our next Ordinary Hero, Megan! 
Lots of great things to come! 

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