Sunday, August 5, 2012

TAX FREE WEEKEND in the OH STORE for our TN Shoppers!!!!

You don't have to stand in LONG lines
to take advantage of the TAX FREE weekend
at the OH STORE!

And we haven't run out of your favorite item, either!

We are fully stocked!!!

You do need to be a resident of TN to take advantage of this offer!


Shop today and pick up a t-shirt or a
 hoodie (great for fall, and that is right around the corner folks!)
and tell everyone that you are an Ordinary Hero!
Pick up a few statement shirts for your
littles --cause we all know they are gonna
Change the World for One!
We also have great coffee mugs, travel mugs,
Water Tumblers, jewelry and OH so much more!

Stop by and Shop today!!

No lines today in the OH Store
Just click and BUY
and enjoy the TAX FREE WEEKEND!!!


Change the World For One!!!

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