Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's Ordinary Hero's September Grant Giveaway Time!!!!

Ya Hoo!!!! It's time again to bless some of you with some much needed Adoption and Mission Trip CASH! Y'all up for that???
Our Ordinary Hero September Grant Giveaway will commence this coming Friday, September 21st and the grant will close on Sunday, Septmeber 30th at 11:59 midnight.

THREE (3) OH Grants will be awarded this month.
OH will give away one Grant for $1,000, one for $500 and one for $300.

Hmmm, How do I qualify for the Grants?

1 )Sign up here, if you haven't already, to become an Ordinary Hero Affilaite!!  (It's FREE and takes 2 minutes or less to sign up)!


2) Join the OH Fundraising FB Page on FB for updates and tips throughout the Grant! This has become a very important way for me to communciate with you in a timely manner. Please find OH Fundraising; you can use the link below to connect.!/oh.fundraising

3) ** Make sure I have your email address... I will be sending out emails to update you and to answer questions. I will be sending an email out to everyone that I have emails for on Thursday; it always happens that somehow we miss some of you in the system so please reach out to me if you do not get an email from me. Reach me at

4) You earn money by selling cool products in the OH STORE. You earn 40% of everything you sell! We have everything from clothing for the entire family, to coffee cups and drink tumblers, donations for kids in Ethiopia, and even a clearance bin!. At the conclusion of the Grant contest, the person with the most $ in Sales will be awarded the Top Grant of 1K, 2nd will be awarded $500 and 3rd place will be granted $300. This is a super fun and easy and FAST way to earn some much needed CASH for your mission trip or your adoption!

AND YES, we will have brand new merchandise featured in the STORE for this Grant Giveaway! Stay tuned for the BIG Reveal!!We will have as much as possible in the Store by Friday am when the Giveaway starts, but check back throughout the week for more items to be added as well! Kelly, the OH Fearless leader, really out did her self and she has LOADS of new product arriving!!! Ya hoo! Y'all are gonna LOVE the new items!!

There is also gonna be a lot of CLOSEOUT merchansdise this month at rock bottom prices, so jump on over there and see what you can score at a major discount! These will be collector type items, your last chance to own some of the original OH items! They will not be restocked, so these items are your last chance to own!!!! Remember, if you are competing for the Grant- then you won't get credit until Friday morning (once the Grant Giveaway starts!)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE helping people raise money and LOVE watching Kelly Putty award all of that Grant $$$ at the end on top of their earnings! I love watching people raise 3K, 2K and 1K in a weeks time! And we have FUN too! Don't worry that you don't know where to start! That's my job! I will help each one of you! Go ahead and sign up NOW to become an OH Affilaite and remember to share this with anyone that you know that is adopting or going on a Mission's trip to Serve! This is a FAST way to earn some much needed cash! And it's FUN too!

Best of Luck to all of our Ordinary Hero Affilaites,

Gina :)

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