Monday, October 1, 2012

September OH Grant Winners!!!!!!!!!!

The September Grant Giveaway has ended...

We had lots of you jump in and test the waters... Keep in mind we do this almost every month-- so maybe you didn't win this month,  but maybe next month you will be our TOP winner!!! Lots of sales were made and everyone seemed to buy up the new merchandise!!! You all have a lot of Extra- Ordinary Hero's to thank!

For our September Grants we are awarding the top OH Affiliate with $1,000 in OH Grant Money! Ya hoo! Second Place gets a $500 Grant and third place gets $300!!!

        So, without further delay, Let's announce our Ginormous September First place Winner!!!!

Congratulations to:

LeAnne Lynch from KY!

Girl, you knocked it out of the park! LeAnne is no stranger to the OH Affiliate program- She has fundraised with us many, many times before! She fundraised with us when she took her first trip with OH to Ethiopia! She just signed up to take one of the mission trips with OH to Haiti and thought hey, why not fundraise again to help with her costs....

Yay! LeAnne just WON a $1000 Grant from Ordinary Hero!

OK, girl. This contest paid BIG for you! Not only did you earn the EXTRA $1,000 Grant but you made 40% on everything you sold-- and you sold over $2800 worth of product! Oh my! You earned $1,123 in commissons, combined with the $1,000 Grant brings your weekly fundriasing total to $2123!!!

Girlfriend, you just paid for your ENTIRE trip cost AND you have extra money to bless the people in Haiti however God leads you to do so!!! Oh my!!!

Our second place winner of the $500 OH Grant is :

David and Tobi Wright from Wichita, KS!
The Wright's are praying to adopt 1-2 kiddos from Ethiopia! They are with American World Adoption and their dossier just arrived in Ethiopia in August! Let's pray for them while they wait! They sold over $1600 worth of OH Product and earned $653 in commissions! Adding in the $500 Grant -- they are now $1,153 closer to their adoption fundraising goal!! Congratulations Wright family!!

Our third place winner of the $300 OH Grant is :

Ashley and Ryan Stinson from Southern California!!

They are adopting from Ethiopia with AWAA and are smack dab in the paper chase! The Stinson's sold over $1500 in product and earned $623 in commissions!! You are winners of the $300 Grant! Their weekly fundraising total is $923 !!! Congrats Stinson Family!!!

Ok, so I hate awarding Honorable Mentions... Because it means you were sooo close! And oh how I wish EVERYONE could win!

Our Honorable Mention Award goes to Eric and Tara Wilkins from Newburg, IN!

They are adopting from Ethiopia with Celebrate Children! They heard about OH from a friend who found their daughter on Ordinary Hero's waiting child list last year! Their dossier has been submitted and they are waiting on a referral! Eric and Tara, even though you didn't win a grant this month Ordinary Hero would like to bless you with a $50 Gift Certificate  for selling over $1,000 in product to the OH Store! AND since you earned 40% of everything you sold, you are not walking away empty handed!!! You earned $478 in commissons in a weeks time!! YAY!!! We hope to see you win a Grant with us in the coming months!!! :)

So, this month alone, Ordinary Hero is paying out $5,895 in Commissions and Grants to the 26 affiliates who fundraised with us this month! It is so FUN for us and we love giving away cash to bless your adoptions and your mission trips! If you would like to fundraise with us, please sign up HERE.

If you have fundraised with us in the past, we would like to ask you to share with your fellow adoptive friends about how OH Fundraising would LOVE to bless them!

Don't forget to check out all the new FALL items in the OH Store!!! It's time to pull out those long sleeves and hoodies!!!

Congrats again to all of this month's winners!! Stay tuned next month for another OH Grant giveaway!!!!!!!!


  1. I screamed when I saw our names!!! THANK YOU so much! It was so worth out time and effort. Won't it be fun to see our friends & their children wearing OH t-shirts!!! Yay!

  2. Can't stop smiling. So happy for LeAnne and everyone that received a grant to help with their goal. What a blessing OH!