Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beth's Story

Beth Venable lost her life on this earth on August 24, 2012, not even three months ago. 
We have seen miracles take place through the legacy she has left behind. 
Her life and her love for the Lord lives on through the Beth Venable Memorial Fund and her husband taking the time to travel to Africa with Ordinary Hero to carry out her wishes and life dreams of helping orphans and children in need. Many lives are changed forever because of Beth's beautiful life she lived on earth and now in heaven. Here is their story! (Grab your tissues)
If you would like to contribute to the Beth Venable Memorial Fund, click here
Thank you to all who have donated on her behalf. It is life changing! 

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  1. This was so moving! Even had my husband watch it & we both cried like babies. Love how God can use something hard to turn around and do something so wonderful & beautiful! Praise God! Prayers for continued work in S.Africa, and blessings upon this dad & the lives of his children. Re-posting. ~ jen