Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kids in Orem, UT Host Read-A-Thon to help kids in Africa!

 Hillcrest Elementary, in Orem, UT, hosted a Read-A-Thon to help provide school supplies to the children living at the Hope For Hopeless Children's Shelter in Ethiopia.  Hope For The Hopeless is a ministry in Ethiopia that finds street children and puts them in their shelter in order to bring healing and restoration. The children make amazing transformations through the love of God being poured into them. Hillcrest PTA president (Rochelle Anderson) wanted their school to help a school through Ordinary Hero. They decided to put together school packets for the kids at Hope for the Hopeless. The items were donations, but the kids had to earn them during the 2 week Read-A-Thon in March.  They had to read to earn the items to put into the packets. The reading had to take place outside of school hours.  The kids read almost 2500 minutes in 2 weeks, which earned enough items for 60 packets! Way to go kids!! Each packet has a t-shirt, notebook, book, pen, pencil, and bookmark. They brought a few of the kids in to put the packets together. They loved it! These packages will be taken over next week with the April team traveling to Ethiopia to be passed out to the children living at the shelter. They can't wait to show them the pics of the H4H kids getting their packets!
Beverly Soutas, the Ordinary Hero Fundraising Coach, was able to share with the children about her experience traveling to Ethiopia with Ordinary Hero and what the needs are in Africa. Beverly and her husband will be joining Ordinary Hero again in July for another team trip to Ethiopia. 
(Beverly and her husband, Kelly, pictured at the Hope For Hopeless Shelter in Ethiopia)

What an awesome idea this was to challenge our young world changers to make a difference in the life of a child in need! If your school is interested in outreach projects to help children in need in Africa please email 
Thank you, Hillcrest Elementary, for paving the way and showing the world that you can challenge children to read to make a difference....AND THEY LOVE IT! 
For a glimpse of one of our visits to Hope For The Hopeless on a past team trip, Click Here

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