Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Grant Recipients!!

We LOVE granting funds for your adoption or mission trip! A HUGE congratulations to Desiree Thompson, Kim Pellegrino, and Lauren Siler, our March grant recipients!! We are so excited to be helping these three families in their fundraising efforts as they work to fund their adoptions! Read their stories below, and get inspired! Look for more upcoming grant giveaways, and next time it could be YOU receiving one of these grants...

Congrats to Desiree Thompson from WI!  

Desiree and her husband are fundraising for their 2nd Ethiopian adoption. They brought home their son, Tariku, last year (gotcha day anniversary was this week!) and while making the required visits, met the son they are adopting now. Both boys were transferred together to AHOP (by Jimmy Gross of No Ordinary Love Ministries) and have a history together.  After learning more about him and his medical needs, they decided to adopt him as well! Right now they are working REALLY hard to get all the paperwork done Mid-May because she is due with their THIRD biological child in June!! Yep... they're going from 3 to 5 kids really quickly! Adopting their oldest, and having their youngest! "God is so good and we are excited to watch our family grow!" You can follow their family's story here. Congrats, Thompson family, and good luck with all of these amazing, exciting changes on the horizon!

Congrats to Kim Pellegrino from MD!

Does that name sound familiar?? It might, because this family was the recipient of the Beth Venable State Farm Grant last month!! And here they are again, a little closer to their fundraising goal! You can read about this family's story in the earlier blog post, but she wanted to add a little more... After returning from China just 6 months ago, they are hoping to return again this September to bring home their 2nd son. Just when they thought they couldn't be any more blessed, God has called on them once again to provide an orphan a home and family, and they couldn't be happier about it! Both boys are considered special focus in the eyes of China, but are simply SPECIAL to this family. This adoption has forced them to step out of their comfort zone and ask for assistance. Here is her take on fundraising (taken from her blog): "Fundraising isn't easy. It is humbling. It makes you look at the world differently somehow. You realize that you have too much of all this other stuff when all you really want is to provide a home for a homeless child...a kid for crying out loud! You want a family like everyone else. So sometimes it may seem easy to ask for donations with a smile and other times it's extra hard. Sometimes fundraising families see a large donation here or there, but mostly they are small ones that add up and up and up. They all matter, both big and small (many people don't realize that something, anything is better than nothing)." They are SO grateful to those who have already supported them along this journey and those who continue to give! Congrats on this grant, Kim! 

Congrats to Lauren Siler from VA!

Lauren and her husband Steven took a trip to Kenya, Africa is February 2012 and while they were there they visited an orphanage just outside of Nairobi. Their hearts went out to the children there. Their clothes were tattered, they didn't have shoes. But it wasn't just the physical needs not being met that touched this couple. They talked with the director of the orphanage and listened to the stories of how these children ended up there - most abandoned... left in outhouses, left at the front gate... Lauren's heart ached for the 'unwanted', the 'unlovable'. The ache went beyond the need for basic necessities; these kids needed a FAMILY. They left Africa, having found a new calling, and began the adoption process. They hadn't even started trying for biological children yet, so, needless to say their decision shocked and confused those around them. Yet, they are so certain that this is what God has called them to do. They are currently on the waiting list to adopt two children from Ethiopia and are about $20,000 away from their fundraising goal. Congratulations, Lauren and Steven! We are so excited to be a part of your fundraising efforts!

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Also, a HUGE thank you to all of those who made purchases on our affiliates behalf! Your generosity is greatly appreciated and has helped each of them get one step closer!! 

This program is a HUGE blessing to all of our fundraising families. We welcome all donations toward our grant giveaway program. They are GREATLY  appreciated! Thank you for your support as we support others! To donate toward our grant giveaway program click here

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