Thursday, May 2, 2013

Christian Alliance For Orphans Summit 9 ~ Let's Hear It For Adoption!! And New Video!

 The Summit 9 has made it's way to Nashville! 
2500 people gathered at Brentwood Baptist Church today to kick off the Christian Alliance For Orphans Summit! It is awesome to see so many adoption advocates together from all over the US! 
We were blessed by breakout sessions on Transracial Adoption and got to hear from several adoptees! 
 The Transracial Adoption breakout session was led by Adoptive mom and advocate, Tracy Mihnovich, along with adoptive moms and children on the panel like Gwen Oatsvall, Becky Rutland, and the Krehbiel Family. It was great to hear from each of them! 

 A highlight was getting to hear from Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann! 
Mrs Bachmann and her husband  have several biological children and they have fostered 23 children over the years. Her passion and heart for foster care children and the Lord really shined today at this Summit! It was great to hear her story and see her passion for the orphan! 

With it being Orphan Summit Weekend, we have released this newest OH Video, featuring the adoption story of Jon and Beth Krehbiel who have 13 children, 10 of which are adopted. Don't miss this amazing story, along with other awesome adoption stories, which captures the beauty of adoption!

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  1. Michelle Bachman is my Congresswoman from Minnesota. I wish she was as passionate about human rights and other important issues as she "seems" to be about adoption and fostering.