Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Grant Giveaway Recipients!!!

This month, OH offered three grants to the top selling affiliates! $1000, $500, and $500!

CONGRATS to Lacey Bartosh for being the TOP SELLING affiliate 
and earning that $1000 grant!! 

Her team from North Dakota will be traveling to  Ethiopia with Ordinary Hero this summer. She was there last April and had a humbling, wonderful journey and is so excited to be returning! She says 'the smiles, love, and relationships experienced in Ethiopia are not ordinary, and the people we met there are our heroes.' The North Dakota team is eager to continue building the relationships started last April and they are looking forward to 'loving as Jesus loves'.

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Amy Wills....

She's our second grant recipient this month! After having 2 biological children, her and her husband adopted twin girls from Ethiopia - bringing them together as a family of 6 the week of Thanksgiving 2011. They believed their family was complete, but God had different plans. They felt their hearts being stirred toward adoption this year and have just recently started the process to bring another little boy home to their family! Amy signed up as an affiliate a few days into the Grant Giveaway, and was still able to gather the support of her friends and family to earn herself $500 in grant money to put towards this adoption! What a great way to kick start the fundraising!! Congrats, Amy, and good luck in the upcoming adoption!!

And... more CONGRATS to our third grant recipient... Crystal Archie!! 

Taking their children to Ethiopia to bring their adopted brother home was truly life changing for all of them and it touch their hearts and opened their eyes. When her 17 & 10 yr. old daughters found out she was leading a team to Ethiopia in June, they begged to be a part of it! She is so proud of their decision to serve, even when they know it will be tiring and overwhelming at times. She says "it makes my heart so full of joy to have my daughters with me and watch them be the hands and feet of Jesus!"

A huge congratulations to ALL of our May Grant Giveaway recipients. And, they are sending HUGE THANK YOU'S to everyone who supported them in their fundraising!  Your support in purchasing on their behalf helps make our grant giveaways possible!

EVERY MONTH Ordinary Hero gives grants toward 
mission trips and adoptions through the OH Store!
If you are not signed up as an OH Fundraising Affiliate, be sure to CLICK HERE and find out how you can get signed up to raise funds for your adoption or mission trip. 

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