Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ethiopia, Team 3, 2013, Day 3~ Entoto

 Our third day in Ethiopia we headed up Entoto Mountain.
We got up to the top to find a group of children that a countryside local group gathered to give them a fun day camp during the summer. That really spoke to a lot of the team about watching local Ethiopians give back to children in their community. It really shows us that if they can do that in a third world country, how much more we should be doing it in America. 
 The kids were super cute, all lined up singing when we arrived.

We all enjoyed getting to know the children and playing with them. 

We found a beautiful clearing to eat our lunch up on the mountainside.

Ashley never ceases to find animals to hug on, ha! 

 Kenya had some fun with the animals as well. :-) 

 The children are absolutely beautiful. We ate our lunch and then gave them a huge bag of food as well and they literally jumped up and down with joy. They are so sweet!

This picture below speaks something powerful. We are looking for a caption to add to it. Feel free to leave a comment with your ideas of inspiration. 

One of our joys on the mountainside is helping the woman carry their loads (burdens). We stop and ask them if we can help give them a ride down the mountain so that they don't have to carry it for miles. These women have such a hard living, you can't even imagine. They carry these loads for up to 20 miles for only $2 a day. 

 The women are so overcome with gratitude and joy over such a simple thing. It just shows you how the simplest acts of love show these women the love of God. 

She kept throwing her arms up and thanking the Lord for the help we were offering. 

 We gave her a ride down the mountain and she just eluded joy the whole way! 

 Once we headed down the mountain, we stopped at a beautiful jewelry making business that helps women by giving them a better life by making this jewelry. 

What an awesome day! What a awesome team! 

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