Sunday, June 23, 2013

Introducing Ethiopia Team 3, 2013, Ethiopia Bound!

 We are super excited to have Team 3 headed to Ethiopia! 
We began our journey with the Nashville bunch, above, heading to Washington to meet up with the rest of the group. I'm Kelly Putty (left, above), and I will be leading the next two Ordinary Hero Ethiopia teams! Looking forward to beginning this journey with this awesome, young bunch!

 Once to Washington, we gathered all our luggage and boarded the shuttle over to the hotel...which is always an experience!

 We had an awesome shuttle driver that was determined to fit all 9 of us into the shuttle WITH all our 20 something bags! The team is doing great just rolling with it. It creates team bonding, ha! 

 The next morning, 3 shuttles later,  we made our way with the overnight group and the luggage, back to the airport and got everyone all checked in. Having Michael Venable as the only guy in this part of the group really flagged him for manual labor. :-) Poor guy!
 I'm super excited to lead this awesome team this week! Let me introduce you to my new team 3, 2013! 
Michael, and his daughter Katie, from Ky.

 Shannon and her 16 year old daughter, McCall, from North Carolina

Danyelle from Kansas, and McKayla from Illinois

 Jourdan from California, and Karen from Minneapolis area

 Ashton from Ky, Marilyn from TN, and Maggie from Ky

 Lindsay, McKensie, and Allie Beth, all from TN

Nicole and Anne from New York

 Randi and Megin, mother daughter team from Kansas

Ashley and Jourdan, mother daughter team from California

Amanda (aka, Poptart) from Kansas, and myself, Kelly from TN

Once in Ethiopia, we are also meeting up with Sharon and her daughter, Mady, and her son, Ethan from Illinois, 

and also Precious (Cessie) from Pennsylvania, 

And Lincoln, from TN, is wrapping up his adventures in Cape Town, to then join us later in the week!

And last, but not least, also joining us this week is 4 team members staying over from team 2.
 Abby from TX

 Ryan, our videographer, from TN

 Michelle, from Illinois

And Kenya, from Utah!

That is a whopping group of 30 this week in Ethiopia!! 
Can't wait to see what God has in store for this team! 
It will be life changing and enriching, not only for those we serve, but for the team members, themselves! 

Follow our blog this week to see this team serve in Ethiopia! 

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