Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Grant Giveaway... We have 3 winners!!!

We are excited to announce the recipients of July's Grant Giveaway!
This month, OH offered three grants to the top selling affiliates.. 
$1000, $500, and $300!

Our $1000 Grant Recipient is...     JENNY HANSON!!!

Jenny is from Maple Grove, Minnesota, and is fundraising for an adoption. Her and her husband have 3 kids - the youngest adopted from Ethiopia in 2011. She traveled to Ethiopia on a mission trip with Ordinary Hero in April and was able to meet the child they are adopting! When asked what they were fundraising for here was some of her answer: 'The easy answer is we are fundraising for our adoption. The complicated answer is we are actually fundraising for our children's plane tickets so they can join us on our trips. Whatever amount goes to our adoption agency from OH sales, we are putting that same amount of money towards their airfare.'  So exciting for their family! We are so excited to be able to grant that $1000  to their agency, so they can save that money and put it towards air fare instead!! Congratulations Hanson Family!!!

Our $500 Grant Recipient is... LACEY BARTOSH!!!

Lacey is fundraising to have the opportunity continue building relationships with the beautiful Children of God in Ethiopia. She is starting a new job in August, and is not yet sure of the exact dates she will be heading back, but she knows that it will come!! She says she loves Ordinary Hero and Ethiopia - she even got engaged in Ethiopia this past July while on a mission trip with her fiancĂ©! (So exciting!!) She can't wait to travel again and see those beautiful sweet faces!! We are so happy to be helping you 
fundraise for your next mission trip! Congratulations!

Our $300 Grant Recipient is...  SABRINA GLOVER!!!

Sabrina says this is her first attempt at fundraising, and didn't really expect anything, but God had different plans! She is fundraising for a mission trip with her 14 year old daughter to Guatemala in January. She will be traveling with a group from Hillcrest Baptist Church in Hopkinsville, Ky. Congratulations on a great start to your fundraising! 

All of our Grant recipients expressed extreme gratitude for everyone who blessed them with purchases this month! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Keep checking back for the dates for the August Grant Giveaway! Next month, one of these recipients could be you! It just takes a little bit of networking and advertising, and you could easily earn yourself some of this grant money!

EVERY MONTH Ordinary Hero gives grants toward 
mission trips and adoptions through the OH Store!
If you are not signed up as an OH Fundraising Affiliate, be sure to CLICK HERE and find out how you can get signed up to raise funds for your adoption or mission trip. 

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