Friday, July 5, 2013

June Grant Recipients

We LOVE to give away grants to our top selling affiliates every month. This month our three recipients are all raising funds for their adoptions.

First place is AMY WILLIS from Kentucky! Amy had $1900 in sales, so the 40% she earned off that combined with the $1,000 grant means she earned $1,760 in just one week!  Here's why she is fundraising with OH. "We are currently a family of six from Lexington KY, with our youngest two being 3 year old twin girls from Ethiopia.  We are waiting for a referral for a little boy from Ethiopia.  We signed up to be affiliates and a Forever Family fund last month in the middle of the May grant contest.  We worked hard those last few days and won the second place grant.  This month we wanted to mobilize friends and family, not just to fund our adoption, but also bless others..."
And mobilize they did! Amy's friends and family bought 76 chickens!!! Congratulations Willis family!

Second place is APRIL SEYMOUR from Tennessee! April sold a little over $1400 in merchandise and received the $500 grant. With her grant earnings and sales, she earned a total of $1,082 in just one week. Here's a little of her story..."We are raising money for our 2nd adoption from Ethiopia (4th Child overall). We have two biological kiddos (10 & 11) and one ethiopian treasure (4). We tapped out a lot of our resources with the first adoption, so we were really needing to see some money come in from other places this time around. This contest was the perfect way to get people involved and to get our need out there! Not only did we end up with $1,082 from the contest, but someone who saw our support raising efforts on FB put $5,000 into our fund as well! It was well worth a few days of blasting people's email and FB pages! Thanks so much for this opportunity!! The $6,000 that came in this week gets us on the waiting list for our next little treasure!"  Woohoo! Way to go Seymour family!

Third place is HOLLI WILLMERT of Illinois! Holli had $300 in her affiliate account (40%) from just TWO sales, which made her the recipient of the $300 she doubled her money! Holli went on an OH trip to Ethiopia in 2011 and went to China to Maria's Big House of Hope last September.  Her adoption happened sort of unexpectedly.  On the way home from China on the plane one of her team members behind her was talking about the agency she was adopting through.  She wrote down the agency name thinking she would just look at their website.  She got home and saw the most precious little boy and knew he was meant to be her son. She will be leaving July 19 to bring him home!  Woohoo Holli!

Congratulations to all three of our top affiliates and grant recipients! Remember, as an affiliate you earn 40% on every order your name is selected as an affiliate for, ANYTIME! Grants are just ways to boost the amount of money you raise in a short amount of time. Watch for dates coming soon for our July grant, and click here to read more about our fundraising opportunities for adoptive families and those traveling on mission trips. If you have any questions about our fundraising opportunities, email Questions about our store or products you see? Email

Also...we have a team on the ground in Ethiopia RIGHT NOW! They have been without internet access the entire time, so we wanted to make sure to let you know they are safe and working hard. Pictured below is about half the team. Please continue to keep them in your prayers! Hopefully we will see an update soon.

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