Sunday, September 15, 2013

Welcoming the Vargas Family to Ethiopia as OH full time missionaries!

We are super excited to welcome the Vargas Family to Ethiopia next month as full time missionaries for Ordinary Hero! The Vargas Family has committed to serve for one year in Ethiopia as our feet on the ground and to also welcome you or your group to the OH Life Center. 
We are so proud of this awesome family! 
Carlos and Amanda traveled to Ethiopia with Ordinary Hero last summer on an OH Team Mission Trip, and left with their hearts feeling called to do more for the people of Ethiopia. 
We are excited that they will be representing Ordinary Hero, year round in Ethiopia! 
They will be there to help serve the needy and welcome guests and future missionaries to Ethiopia, giving our guests and teams many opportunities to serve. 
You can keep track of their journey by visiting their BLOG
We love this Pennsylvania family because they are real. They are dedicated. They are Ordinary Heroes! 
We are excited to welcome you next month to Ethiopia and to the OH Life Center, Vargas Family! 
Please lift this family in your prayers as they step out in faith to follow their call to Ethiopia. 
To inquire about staying at the OH Life Center, CLICK HERE

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  1. so excited for you amanda + the journey god is taking you and your family on!