Monday, January 6, 2014

Our day in Korah~ December Ethiopia Team 2013

 The Korah community in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is one of the poorest in the city. It is a community surrounded by the trash dump. The residents of this community suffer from Leprosy and HIV. Many of the people, especially the mothers and children, find their food or things to sell from the dump. Many of the homes are made from plastic and trash from the dump. It is always very humbling to visit the people of this community. 
It is always amazing to see the joy on the children's faces in the midst of their poverty. 
 You see bread in bowls, like the one below, which has been collected from the dump. They set the bread out in the sun to dry it out so that they can eat it. 
 We are welcomed in this community by big smiles and grateful hearts. 
 Even this man below that we met sitting on the side of the dirt road with one of his legs amputated, welcomed us with a big smile and seemed genuinely glad to see us as we shook his hand. It was important to us to share God's love with the people of this community. 
 The children always melt our hearts. Their smiles are contagious and also convicting. To see a child smile and giggle with joy while living in such circumstances really makes us evaluate our own hearts. 

The Odegaard family enjoyed their time serving together in Korah. 

 Pastor Tesfye is with our partner church in Korah. He oversees the family sponsorship program. He, himself, used to live and suffer in Korah as a young boy. He knows the importance and the impact that sponsorship can make. 

 We were able to visit some homes in Korah that are in need of sponsorship. This young girl below has a father that is battling leprosy. We were able to pray for them during our visit. 

 Some of the homes we visited were just unbelievable to think that people live that way, but it is real. 

It is very real. 

It is always very eye opening for our team to visit the Korah community. Our prayer is that our team will be a voice for this community. They need sponsorship to excel in their life. We are thrilled to be helping with a sponsorship program begun for the people of this community. Please email for info on Korah family sponsorships. 

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