Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Emergency Grant Giveaway Starts Today! Families In Korah Need Our Help. Everyone Welcome to participate

We are saddened by the recent devastation and number of displaced families in Korah. These families are in desperate need of your help. As you may have seen on social media, many homes have been leveled, leaving over 200 families homeless. The photos show it was a very scary and emotional day. Tesfaye and Bissy and others are trying to help these families find new housing and get necessities. We want to help as many families as we can. The quicker we get money for rent and supplies to Ethiopia, the quicker we get these families settled into new homes.

 We know that if we all work together, we can help these families whose lives have been turned upside down. Here's what we are asking....

HOW CAN YOU HELP??? First, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP AS AN AFFILIATE. As you get the word out and send people to the store, they make their purchase and you tell them to click your name at checkout. You receive 40% of that purchase into your account. The top selling affiliate by the end of the day on Sunday (minimum of $500) will receive a $500 grant! You can have that grant applied to a future OH trip, sent to another organization, or used for an adoption. 
We will MATCH that grant and give $500 to the Korah Relief Fund. 
We have also listed Korah Relief Fund as an affiliate to receive the extra 40% if that name is clicked at checkout. 

 CLICK HERE to see items we have added to the store that these families are in desperate need of (blankets, mattresses, etc). We welcome you to make a purchase. If you are wanting to become an affiliate then we are asking you to get the word out that we need help to provide these families with the basic necessities that we all take for granted! Send emails, post on Facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. Remind them to select your name at checkout, but ask your friends and family to please consider buying an item or two for these families! We are sending money over every few days, so your donations will be in the hands of these people within the week!! 

DETAILS OF THE GRANT GIVEAWAY: The grant giveaway will run from TODAY, Wednesday, Dec 17th  through Sunday, Dec. 21. We know this is short notice, but the need is immediate and critical! The top selling affiliate will receive a $500 grant (if they reach $500 in sales), and Ordinary Hero will also match that grant and send $500 to Ethiopia to be spent on these families.

WHAT IF I'M NO LONGER FUNDRAISING?? - That is no problem! You can still sign up as an affiliate and participate in the grant giveaway! We will hold it for you and you can put it toward a future trip with us OR, you could always DONATE your grant to the Korah relief fund, as well!!

With each purchase you will receive an email with this picture attached that can be printed as a Christmas card and given to show that you have given this Christmas on a loved one's behalf. 

Be sure you're following OH fundraising on Facebook, and you can just hit 'share' on the posts during the grant giveaway. We will post multiple times a day, highlighting different items these families need.

We look forward to seeing what a force for good our Ordinary Heroes can be over the next few days!! This is an excellent way to fundraise for TWO important causes! 
 Email any questions to

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