Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Korah Needs Our Immediate Help


 Korah is a community in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia that has won the hearts of many Ordinary Hero team members who have visited and many of you who have sponsored children and families from this community. These people live within the city dump. They are the poorest of the poor. Their survival comes from the dump because they have no where else to go. Now, in a matter of a day, their homes that they built themselves out of things they found from the dump, are no more. Their homes have been destroyed in an effort to clear the dump and hundreds of people, men, women, and children, are left completely homeless with nowhere for their children to lay their head. It is very sad!

 The parents bear the weight of their children who are trying to figure out what is going on.

 Many are left to sleep with no covering at all.

 Homes that were once there are now left in piles of rubble while the families struggle to figure out what to do next.

 Ordinary Hero has partnered with Pastor Tesfaye and his church for the past year and a half to help find family sponsors within that community. Our goal is to help them become completely self sustained through a trade within 3-4 years. Pastor Tesfaye has expressed to us the immediate, urgent, emergency relief need in the Korah community due to the homes being destroyed.

Ordinary Hero's Ethiopian Representative and Guest House Manager, Bisrat, has also been helping Pastor Tesfaye asses the needs of the people. Both Tesfaye and Bissy are from the Korah community and their hearts for the people there are huge and they have been working tirelessly each day to help give the families hope during this overwhelming time of need. 

Pastor Tesfaye has opened his office compound and church to over 90 of the displaced people. They have come to him looking for help. He is doing the best he can to provide them some immediate assistance but he has admitted that the need is overwhelming. 


There are several ways you can help...

If you would like to make a donation toward emergency relief, which will provide the families with temporary housing in order for them to leave Tesfaye's compound and have a roof over their head, you may donate HERE.   http://org.grouprev.com/korahrelieffund

If you would like to purchase specific items to provide immediate relief, CLICK HERE. Tesfaye said their greatest immediate needs are mattresses, sheets and blankets for housing. You may purchase those in our online store and the funds will be sent for immediate purchase. This is a great way to provide the exact needed items for their emergency relief. 
ALSO, We will be launching an OH Grant Giveaway for all of our affiliates starting TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY, DEC 17 through SUNDAY, DEC 21. The affiliate that sells the most donation items with a minimum of $500 will receive a $500 grant giveaway and we will MATCH that and give Korah relief fund a $500 grant as well. Remember that all affiliates receive 40% of sales toward your fundraising. We will also have KORAH RELIEF listed as an affiliate in the drop down menu as an added help to the Korah community. For more info on becoming an Ordinary Hero fundraising affiliate, CLICK HERE. 

Finally, if you would like to sponsor one of these families in need within the Korah community, CLICK HERE. For $50 per month you can provide a family with ongoing support of rent, food, and healthcare, with the goal to have them earn a trade and be self sufficient within 3-4 years. You will receive pictures and updates at least twice per year. If you choose to travel to Ethiopia on one of our teams then you will have the opportunity to meet your sponsored family. Please contact kblevins@ordinaryhero.org with any questions.

Thank you for your support of these families during this very difficult time! We are believing that through this, awareness will be raised, and in the end they will be better off than before. Unless you have  personally seen the circumstances that these families live in, it is very difficult to explain in words. You can ask any one of our team members and they will tell you first hand what it is like. 

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