Friday, April 10, 2015

April Team in Ethiopia - Part 2

The team had an incredible day in Korah meeting their sponsored kids, visiting families, praying, and offering love and support.

Witnessed the lives changed through Lila products and had bible study with the kids in Bira's feeding program.

A few of us traveled toward Hawassa to visit the babies in our new partnership, Talita orphanage. Thanks to all of you who have sponsored these sweet children. This orphanage also supports HIV stricken families in their community. They are a tremendous blessing and need more support if you are interested. Please contact us.

This couple and their story really touched my heart! In their youth his family didn't accept her because she was from a different tribe. They ran away to be together to this village where they have lived for over fifty years and have children and grandchildren of their own. BUT GET THIS....she has now gone completely blind and he is now deaf! One never leaves the side of the other. She is his ears and he is her eyes. They are beautiful together in the way they care for one another. Her hand always reaches for him and he always guides her as she listens for him. They live down a long path in a little mud shack.

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