Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Visiting Miracles

I traveled far into the countryside of Ethiopia to visit a new partner ministry that rescues abandoned babies. I looked at each of their little faces with their own unique personalities already, and saw God's mercy and grace in their eyes looking back at me. I knew that they shouldn't even be alive. I fed a two week old baby girl that was so small she couldn't figure out how to take a bottle. As she kept refusing the bottle and turning into my chest, the mother in me wanted to scoop her up and give her the comfort and security of a nursing mother that she deserved and longed for. Instead, her reality is that she was found by a farmer, laying abandoned in a field...and she has no mother. Another baby with a personality as bright as the sun was found in a toilet. And another was found thrown over the fence of a High School, bloodied and bruised from the fall. These children are miracles. They are survivors and they don't even realize it yet. These children are a drop in the ocean of orphans in Ethiopia. But to God, each life matters. Each one has a destiny. A future. A hope. I look at my children from Ethiopia in my own home. They were drops in the ocean as well. But, my God, how they will change the world! They have already changed mine.

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