Wednesday, August 12, 2015

ORDINARY. the documentary

Local Nashville, come out on August 20 to the first screening of our new documentary, ORDINARY.

Imagine taking your entire family across the ocean to a third world country for one month. Imagine what it would be like for your adopted child from that country to meet his birth family for the first time and hear the gripping account of "why" he was put into an orphanage. Imagine taking your family into the depths of so much poverty, starvation, and medical needs that it changes them forever. 

This inspiring documentary showcases how one, ORDINARY, Tennessee family of eight, steps out of their everyday routine of life to travel across the ocean to serve children in need in Ethiopia. They are met with the gripping reality of their adopted son's back story, They find themselves stumbling upon tragic, immediate, medical needs. And above all, they are met with unbelievable love that pours from a country that seems to materially have nothing. Join the founders of Ordinary Hero Foundation on this journey through their ORDINARY life! Witness the power of adoption, serving those less fortunate, and the reality of life in a third world filled with orphans. Be inspired to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE simply by being ORDINARY!

 We want to share our journey with you because we want you to touch ONE person. To show them love when they feel forgotten.

Purchase your ticket for this August 20 event and get more info here. 

If you are interested in hosting a viewing of this documentary in YOUR area, please contact 

Ordinary. Documentary Trailer from Ordinary Hero on Vimeo.

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