Tuesday, August 11, 2009


These beautiful sisters are a new addition to our site. They are from Ethiopia and wait for their forever family. These two are considered full orphans as both of their parents passed away in 2004 and 2005. They had been living with their 16 year old sister before being placed at Hannah's Hope orphanage. They are said to be very sweet girls and are adjusting well to their new environment. Let's all rally together to find these two their forever family by lifting them up in prayer right now as you think of it.

Also we have several new waiting children added to the OH site from Bulgaria. That country does not allow photos at all so I tried to describe them on the site and I found photos of some random children that resembled them. These children are so precious and beautiful. There is one 2 yr old. There is one 4 yr old boy, one 4 yr old girl and Twin 4yr old boy/girl. One 6yr old boy, one 6yr old girl, three 7 yr old boys, and one 7 yr old girl. Go to the site and look at them. Many of these children have waited a long time to be adopted.....some of them have been waiting their whole life.

There is an Urgent need for the 7 year old girl from Bulgaria.
She is at risk of being moved soon to the older kids orphanage if she is not chosen quickly. Once moved they say their chances of being adopted are very slim. The agency is really trying to find her a home quickly. Let's all pray for this little one to find her forever family very soon. She is simply precious. I tried to describe her picture on the site.

Please visit the Ordinary Hero Site and look under waiting children to view the info on these precious little ones as well as many others.

New waiting children coming to the site very soon. I am excited to announce our partnership with Gladney.

Thank you for your continued prayers for all the waiting children.

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