Saturday, August 22, 2009

This Week's Reasons To Speak Up

Featured waiting child this week is Little Angel 7 yrs old. She is at risk of being moved to the older child orphanage and needs her family to find her fast.

These pictures are examples only of our featured waiting children this week. These children are from Bulgaria which is a country that does not allow any form of a picture on a website. Ordinary Hero has a Speak Up Campaign that allows me and you to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. If you sign up for Speak Up then you receive an email that has the child's picture and a link to their info on the website. You then have the opportunity to forward the email to your contact list in order to spread the word that these children are waiting anxiously for their forever families to find them. You just might help play a part in leading these children to their forever family.

I have to say...these children are just absolutely adorable!! My gosh it is hard to imagine that they are orphaned and just sit and wait for a family to find them.

Please click on the links to read their stories. If you are interested in Speak Up Campaign then email me at . Please continue to pray for all the children who wait for their families.
Boy/Girl Twins 4 yrs old
Charm's the Word 7 yrs old

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