Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Baby Girl Needs Our Prayers....Please Join Me


If you visit Ordinary Hero you will quickly understand that we are all about helping a child in need, no matter where the child is, local or abroad, no matter what the circumstance. Well I would like to introduce you to a child in need. Her name is Izzy and she is in need of a miracle. She was born on Christmas day and she was not due until April. She is fighting for her life and she needs our help. She needs our prayers right now more than ever. Below you will read the email that her mother sent out asking for prayer for her little girl. This mother's heart cry of selfless love for her child describes what any of us would be feeling if it were our child. Please lift Izzy up in prayer today and let's believe that by the power of prayer and God's healing touch that she will pull through this and be a testimony to Him.

To all of my Sweet Izzy followers:

Our little baby girl is still very sick. She is actually much worse. I recieved a phone call at 4:30 this morning giving me an update on her status and she had gotten worse. They had increased her medicines, put her on a different ventilator and continued to give her more blood in order to help her blood pressure.

They called me again at 6am letting me know to come to the hospital. She was once again even worse. She has become tremendously swollen from all of the fluid and blood products but they have to continue to give her volume in order to deal with her low blood pressure. Later in the morning they changed the ventilator she is on...once again and added another machine which is supposed to help open her veins.

So much has happened today, so many tests have been run, numerouse and continuting x rays. She continues to swell up...although I do not see how....she is probably the equivalant of at least a 5 lb baby right now. They are trying to tweak every way they can...with the ventilator, her medicines, etc. The unfornutate thing is that they are just about to the limits of what they can do to help far as tweaking goes...on some things....they are to the limits.

I am not sure what else to say...there has been so much today. Our sweet little Izzy is fighting for her life...again! This time she is continuing to linger at the crossroads. It is going to take her little body working to help get thru this but the fear is whether her organs will continue to function long enough to do it. She has made progress at times but then gone backwards again!

Please, Please, Please continue to pray! Miracles do happen...I truly believe that and have been fortunate in my day to see a couple thru all of this! It is truly going to take just that...a turn things around at this point!!

I will say this...I have been on my knees several times today praying...praying for his will to be done which right now is the hardest thing to do! I wish more than anything for her to beat this and get better...I have prayed this as well! But, if it is his will for her to come join him...I pray that he would not let her suffer! I ask that all of you would pray with me in this...whatever his will be done!

With much love and thanks,
Danyel and Paul


  1. Praying for sweet Izzy.

  2. Thank you SO much Kelly.
    Melissa Moore

  3. Oh sweet Izzy! We are sure praying for you! Thank you so much for posting this! The Harber family would appreciate all of your prayers!!!!

    - Natalie